Feb. 13th, 2011

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My job is currently going less than well. I'm not absolutely fucking up, per se, but my strengths are tactical thinking, technical problems solving and troubleshooting. My job actually requires strategic, planning and administration skills to a moderate degree, none of which I have.

I'm used to feeling good at my job - any job I've done to date - and feeling barely adequate has been doing my head in. My boss is doing what he can, but his job is not to do my job, and I am feeling increasingly conscious of my inability to pull my weight properly as a member of his team.

So, definitely time to move on. I don't want to do purely technical work any more, although if I can find a role back in NZ after not being "hands on" for a couple of years, that would be fine.

What I've decided to get into, however, is technical documentation. I write fairly well, I'm good at explaining things in a fairly clear way, and frankly, the idea of getting into a line of work where I'm responsible for no-one else's output other than my own will be a relief.

With this in mind, I've applied for a course - the Graduate Diploma in Information Design - which encompasses technical writing of all kinds. It's a online-delivered course at the Christchurch Polytechnic in NZ, so I get to pay the NZ fees of around $800 for each unit (6 units in total). $4K for a post-grad diploma seems like an excellent deal.

The course brief is as follows:
The Graduate Diploma of Information Design is taught entirely online, and is designed to provide you with the skills you need to create effective user-centred information. Subjects studied include professional writing and editing, research and theory in communication, information analysis and management, document design, and usability testing. An internship is an integral part of this programme.

The intake for each unit is 15-20 students - which is fantastic after my experiences last year with Canberra Uni and their ridiculously over-subscribed courses - but I've dipped out on the first semester due to its being full. However, due to my "cool CV" which is totally in their "zone", apparently, (and previous quals) I am now pre-enrolled for July. Can't wait!


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