Jun. 26th, 2011

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Apparently - for "Butch Appreciation Day" - we only define ourselves by femmes. Because we're butch so we can run around protecting those delicate little ladies and wear big stompy boots that make our feet hurt.

Too bad if you're into butch-on-butch, eh? Or somehow manage to retain your butch identity without a femme hanging off your arm?

Note: SURE I get dressed up in spiffy outfits if there is someone I want to impress. Even with stompy COMFY boots. But, FFS, my entire life and style is not a performance on the off-chance I'll catch the eye of some random femme.

Seriously, what the fuck is all this about? It's not 1955, where if you didn't conform madly to gender- or role-identity, you'd never get laid. I think we're a little beyond rigid notions of what butch-femme is about. I was glad when feminism relaxed enough that b/f wasn't instantly problematic; I don't want things swinging back into stupid sexist territory.

I'm butch because I'm gender nonconformist, and there are some aspects of the standard butch definition I relate to a lot. But I'm uncomfortable with such labelling as "female masculinity" - for reasons I can't quite enunciate. While it's cool to ID with a label, it doesn't mean have to buy into a whole lot of baggage that may or may not be relevant. Same applies to gender stereotyping (not all men like sport, of any description).


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