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So, here is my wee guide to letting us use the data plan we want after having purchased a USB modem - with actual money - but no longer wanting to use Telecom NZ's data services. I feel that if I've bought the hardware, I should be able to do what I like with it.

This describes setting up a connection to 2degrees Mobile Broadband in NZ, using Telecom GPRS USB modem (ZTE is the hardware brand) on a Windows 7 computer. You will probably need to run the following with Administrator rights on the PC.

Current drawbacks are that the Telecom software remains on your system and you can't receive SMSes (such as 2degrees notifications that your plan is running out). If I resolve either of these, I'll update the post.
  1.  I assume you already have the Telecom Connect Me software installed, since you've been using your USB modem already. This cannot be uninstalled since it has also installed the modem device drivers. Uninstalling Connect Me will also uninstall the drivers you need.

  3. Ensure you have your 2degrees SIM configured with a data plan - this part generally needs to be done by plugging it into the phone, purchasing the plan, and ensuring the acknowledgement is received via SMS. Again, topups will have to be done by plugging the SIM into a phone, purchasing and applying any data packs and ensuring you receive the acknowledgement SMS before putting the SIM back into the modem.

  5. Plug the 2degrees SIM into the Telecom USB modem. If you have Connect Me set to auto-launch, it will complain bitterly about the invalid SIM. If you don't have it open, launch Connect Me. Go to Options > Settings. On the Application tab, ensure that everything is unticked (basically, you don't want it launching on starting up Windows, or inserting the USB). Click OK when that's done, and close Connect Me.

  7. Find the My Computer icon on the Desktop or in the Start Menu. Right-click on it and choose Manage. In the Computer Management window, under System Tools, click on Device Manager. You should see all your hardware listed in the middle pane. Open up Modems and double-click on ZTE Proprietary Modem.

  9. We need to set the 2degrees Access Point Name (APN), which is simply "internet". In the modem Properties, find the Advanced tab. In the Extra Initialization Commands box, place the following text: AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","internet" and click OK to save the settings.

  11. In the Windows Control Panel, go to Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center. Click Set up a new connection or network. In the Choose a connection option window, choose Set up a dial-up connection

  13. You may get prompted which modem you want to use. If so, choose ZTE Proprietary Modem. However, if it's the only modem you have installed, you probably won't see this prompt.

  15. In the Type information from your Internet service provider (ISP), the only thing you need to enter is *99# in Dial-up phone number. If you want, in Dial-up Connection Name, call it 2degrees, but you can leave the default. Then hit the Connect button, and you should be connecting to the 2degrees network!
From then onwards, if you have the USB modem plugged in and active, the connection will show up in the available networks in the Windows system tray as "2degrees" with the icon of a phone (indicating a dial-up network). Just click on it to connect.

works with lebara too!

Date: 2013-08-03 02:31 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Thanks for this great post! I'm now back in Switzerland with my NZ Telecom stick and surfing on the Lebara mobile internet! I followed your instructions exactly and it works fine.




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