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Here is a pic of them today, with the surgical tape off. The lighting isn't that great, so you can't tell that the left areola in particular is quite discoloured, but that was the side that had the top layer of skin come off the nipple. The areolas themselves are at least half of their previous size as well.

The ridge marks in the lower part of my breasts are just the imprint of the compression garment. You can see a little bit of the swelling to the side of my breast on the left of the pic that hasn't gone down yet after the lipo.

Obviously, NSFW and not great if you're squicked by naked breasts and/or healing incisions (no blood, gore or stitches at all though):
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So the stitches came out today, which is great. The first thing the doctor said to me was, "Feeling lighter since we removed nearly 2kg off your chest?"

And yes, actually I am. :-)

I need to keep wearing surgical tape over the wounds for the next 6 weeks, which is when the next checkup is due, but they're feeling much less Frankenboobish. I'll take a pic of them in the raw sometime next week, when I need to replace the tape (each application lasts about a week - I just shower over the top of it).

The only minor thing is that I still have slightly lumpy areas under my arms where they did the liposuction. Apparently I have fairly tough subcutaneous tissue (that wasn't quite the way the doctor put it), and it doesn't drain fluid as readily as usual. The lumps aren't spongy; they're more that tight feeling you get when you've banged something and it's come up in a bump. Apparently they'll resolve themselves over the ensuing weeks.

I also got about $1500 back from Medicare for the treatment, and a few hundred bucks from my health insurance - my insurance only covers hospital stays, so anything I got was just fine. Also, it's apparently over some threshold where I can claim it on my tax this year as well. Seriously, WTF?, but I'm not going to quibble. :-)

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I wore a t-shirt for the first time today since surgery and it looks fab. Although I will be happier when my breasts settle into a more natural configuration over the next few months - my chest currently looks a bit like a 16-year-old's (in terms of aggressive perkiness rather than just being smaller) and I'm finding it vaguely off-putting when I take my top off.

However, must stop looking DOWN at myself, especially if I'm going to venture out in public! :-)


Mar. 11th, 2011 03:48 pm
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OK, breast reduction is done, and I am now ensconced happily at home. Thanks so much to the awesome Mr [personal profile] slavayboy for coming to collect me, ensure I'm all set up properly and for bringing me lovely flowers and bikkie treats.

Pain is hovering at around a 2-3 out of 10. Right after I woke up from surgery, it was an 8, but that abated very quickly after a few good zaps of Fentanyl. That stuff gives you interesting dreams - mine seem to consist of reading copious amounts of strange and dense text.

They removed 900g of tissue from each side, which has taken me down to about a C-cup. The breasts look a bit smaller than that right now, because they are being squished in a compression garment. Here is a link to a pic showing them in the garment (no ickiness):

They also removed the mole that's been under my right breast forever, lol. I have spectacular bruising down my sides where they did liposuction. Oh, and my nipples appear to have retained sensation, which, since they were moved at least 10cm up my body, is pretty awesome.

Dressings and stitches come out in 2 weeks, and I have to wear the compression garment day and night for that interval. After that, all going well, I wear it at least 12 hours a day for another 4 weeks, and then it may come off after that. I couldn't be happier with the care I've received and the work that was done.

It looks a bit gross right now with all the stitches and leaks and so on, but I'll do another pic after the 2-week dressing removal.

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Slight TMI warning, but nothing to warrant cutting...

So there's the other thing I'm doing, and this is much more immediate and significant. It's no secret to anyone that I dislike my breasts immensely. Other than the fairly constant feeling of body dysmorphia I've had since puberty, the frigging things are humongous by any normal standard. It might be better if I had a broader chest or shoulders, but I don't. In the physical sense, I don't get headaches, but I do get shoulder aches, neck pains, sharp pain in the outer aspects of my breasts, and they inflate like painful footballs once a month.

So, finally, I've got the money and the time, so off to the wonderful doctor who basically didn't even bother asking to have a look - he wrote the referral by saying "Shoulder pain?" Nod-nod. "Back pain?" Nod-nod. "Sick of it?" Nod-nod-nod. In Australia, if you have a GP referral, part of the cost of treatment is paid for by Medicare. I am VERY GRATEFUL for this, because it reduces the cost by nearly half.

I went off to the plastic surgery clinic last week - the only one in CBR the GP would recommend - and the experience there was reassuring and professional. Of course, taking off your shirt and having the surgeon take one look and say, with a look of sympathy, "I understand why you need the surgery" is really not the most positive experience one can have. However, I know what he meant. So that was done and dusted and I said YES PLEASE to going ahead with the procedure, with full understanding of the risks. He has a portfolio of breast reductions he has done, and there was a shot of one woman who ended up partially losing a nipple. I don't care if I lose mine, although I'd rather not.

The practice manager then went through the procedure and post-operative care process, and that was fine, although she was one of those overly-groomed het women who look like they want to escape from the room rather than deal with a butch dyke. And I was wearing my work suit and speaking nicely to fox her, lol. Well, I found it entertaining.

So, after giving them about 8 grand, I will be getting my breasts reduced by half - also reducing my breast cancer risk by half (my aunt's had it, twice) - to about a C-cup size. This is fine. And I'm booked in for the 10th of March. I'm extremely excited about this, as one might imagine - in the yay! and OMFG! senses, both.

Also, don't go to a clinical setting, get poked and prodded and photographed, and then play a video game featuring zombies for most of the weekend. It gives you peculiar dreams about body parts and weirdness. :-)
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So, does anyone else get nipple cramp? I do from time to time (usually from the cold) and it's fucking excruciating. It's even more so when you happen to whack one against a doorframe in its cramped state, and it takes 3 days for it to stop being bloody painful.

Also, if you start thinking, man, my tits are like footballs and it feels like my body is PMTish, it might be worth considering the possibility that you are PMTish, especially since your period is due in 3 days.


Poll #3055 Nipple cramp
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Had it?

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Yes. 'kin OW
4 (50.0%)

What the hell are you on? No.
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I might have done once or twice. Meh
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I carry my nipple-warmers with me at all times
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Apr. 22nd, 2010 10:51 pm
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I found out another reason today why blood banks are always DESPERATE for my blood. Not only is it O-neg, but I also have no cytomegalovirus antibodies (which, at my age, puts me into 20% of the population). So for babies and immune-compromised people, my blood is the good stuff.

The reason I made this discovery was because I noticed the nurse taking four samples - they always take four samples from me - while all the other donors in the room were only getting three samples. It turns out three is the standard, but I get an extra sample because I'm still CMV-negative (and they want to see when I finally get infected ...nice!)

I wonder what other info they have about my health from my regular donations? And I wonder if you can request they divulge the information they've gathered about you that they have? Hmmmm. On looking, it turns out the Red Cross Blood Service must divulge the info they have on file - I might look into it.
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I've been reading too much stuff about women, young and old, not having the faintest idea of how women's vulvas and labia can vary, and thinking that there is something wrong with them because one of their labia is 5mm longer than the other or suchlike.

So I'm thinking seriously of starting a website where there are galleries of pictures of as many vulvas as I can get. I would like them to be self-submitted, with some demographic information from the submitters (e.g. age, ethnicity, children, surgery, etc). I know that [ profile] vaginapagina has lots of pics, but their stuff doesn't really show up in Google searches. There is at least one other site with pictures of vulvas, but it seems to be there to drive traffic to porno sites (and has fucking flowers and people spreading their labia apart in a porno-like fashion. If you like it, fine, but I think there is a time and a place).

So, questions:

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Is creating such a site a good idea?

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4 (80.0%)

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1 (20.0%)

If "yes" or "maybe", how to solicit contributions?

Feel free to comment further below. Of course, the ironic part is I probably wouldn't want to submit pictures of my own vulva at all - how to ask people to do something I'm personally not comfortable with? While I would not want to do anything with the pictures other than display them for the stated purpose, how to reassure people of that?

Oh great

Dec. 19th, 2009 10:01 pm
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If Christmas at home wasn't going to be horrific enough this year, what with arrested nephews and WWIII having broken out between my aunt and my mother, it turns out I will be in the throes of PMT. Everyone had better keep their mouths shut, or else I might break out a few home truths.

On a more cheerful front, here are Edwardian-styled clothes of complete sexiness, made with traditional fabrics like drill, linen, moleskin, wool serge. It's times like these I wish I were a man, or at least a bit more manly-bodied. Maybe it's a sign of impending hormonal rumptions (in terms of "time of life") that my dislike of my more girlie attributes is more pronounced at present than it has been for years. Or perhaps it's the fact I'm feeling a bit disconnected from my body in general. Hm.

Anyway, getting back to the cheerful part, I love these trousers (but wouldn't be able to carry them off, due to the fact the waist would pretty much reach my boobage), and these (which I am seriously contemplating, if I can suck up the price), and these spunky shirts (there are women's shirts as well, but as with most women's shirts, it looks like the length is not sufficient for my body, dagnabit - I actually like the length of my torso, except when it comes to buying any shirts that I want to remain inside my trousers). These women's trousers are quite nice, although side-buttoning, poo poo poo. And there are one or two nice things for the real ladeez as well.

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I just squicked myself by reading about the yolk sac a developing embryo has until about 7 weeks gestation (well, the sac remains until after birth, but the duct into what turns into the digestive area is occluded around 7 weeks and it becomes redundant).

Ok, of course I knew that mammals (and fish and birds and insects...) develop from eggs, but I had no idea that mammals produced yolk sacs during development as well. And I really have no idea why it squicks me, but it totally does. Gross.

You know, I wanted to become a doctor right from when I was about 7 till about 15 or so - I'm so glad I didn't. I put myself off in my teens by thinking about dealing with people vomiting and pus, neither of which are my favourite things - just imagine more of the fun I could have had in anatomy class, when reading about embryo yolk sacs and the like.

On another note, it must be said that London has a fantastic range of medically-themed museums and locations, ranging from the Chelsea Physic Garden through to the old St Thomas' operating theatre in the roof of a church. I meant to visit the Hunterian Museum last time I was over, but didn't get round to it. (I did manage to do 6 museums, 4 art galleries and Kew Gardens in England and Wales last year in a bit less than 2 weeks, so it wasn't too bad.) Maybe next year!

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2 Vegemite toasts and tea

20-25cm baguette-style sandwich with proscuitto, marinated sun-dried tomatoes, marinated eggplant, bocconcini cheese and lettuce.
Berry friand
Soy latte

Stir-fried veges and tofu with peanut sauce and soba noodles (same as I had the other night - still sauce left over)

Achievement du jour

Yes, I did 200 squats (no weights, but I'm going to start working out with those again, without doing silly amounts of reps like these). It would have been sooner (ie. three weeks) if I'd been a little more consistent. Still, not bad, and I have thighs for a reason, obviously. :-) The next things to knock off are 200 situps (eh, I just need to devote some proper effort), and 100 pushups (this may require some time).

Food log 5

Jun. 21st, 2009 11:42 pm
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Two Vegemite toasts and tea

Smoked salmon scrambled eggs again, on toast (using up the last of the salmon, but only two eggs this time)

Curry with potato, kumara, pumpkin, eggplant, cauliflower, beans, broccoli and fresh home-made paneer, with rice

2 cups of tea - soy milk and sugar as usual
1 soy latte with 2 sugars (I keep trying the coffee at The Front in Lyneham, and because it's Piazza D'oro and has been on a container boat for half a year, and is burnt every time they make it - 5 different "baristas", and they all burn it - it's shite every bloody time. Never again, I'll just go home for a coffee fix if I'm doing laundry.)
The fudge brownie I bought from the healthy food shop yesterday - too sweet and not chocolately enough.

Food log 4

Jun. 20th, 2009 11:53 pm
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I woke up this morning knowing what I wanted for lunch, which is not the norm. I had to have smoked salmon today.

The usual - two toasts and tea

I ate late, so I had three scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and torn Italian parsley, on toast. Lots of butter and some extra-virgin olive oil in the scrambled eggs, because that's the way you make scrambled eggs taste utterly fabulous.

Eating later than usual definitely means I eat more. Still, that normally means I don't want a heavy dinner on top of it (it's rare I'll skip a meal altogether).

Stirfry red pepper, broccoli, beansprouts, beans, bamboo shoots, cauliflower and crumbled firm tofu with a peanut sauce (about 1/4 cup, and the consistency of tahini - it was watered down a bit with soy sauce, rice vinegar and tea, but it had sesame oil and a dash of sugar as well.)
Soba noodles

One glass of rosé wine
Two cups of tea with milk and sugar

I bought a piece of chocolate fudge cake from the healthy food shop, but I really wasn't going to be eating that after my adventures with nommy smoked salmon scrambled eggs. It was very satisfying.

Food log 3

Jun. 19th, 2009 10:39 pm
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It's the weekend, which means teh booze, and more crap. Or more ornate tasty meals. :-)

Breakfast (yes, it's boring. Some of us are creatures of habit)
Tea with sugar and soy milk
2 pieces of toast with Vegemite

Large sushi box - 4 nigiri, 1 egg nigiri, 4 large salmon hosomaki (or small futomaki), 9 pieces sashimi (tuna, salmon, white fish), espresso-cup-sized portions of wakame salad and octopus salad, and one inari.
Soy latte with 2 sugars

Dinner (I was starving)
Vegie burger (bun, lettuce, tomato, egg, pineapple ring, beetroot, tomato sauce)
1 scoop of chips, of which I ate most of them. In fact, most of them before I walked in my door

2 largish glasses of rosé wine (less than half a bottle)
Tea with sugar and soy milk (well after the wine!)

PS. Dear Telstra, you can stop shaping my internet any time now!!!1!

Food log 2

Jun. 18th, 2009 11:29 pm
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I think I mentioned something yesterday about "healthier eating" for me involving more veges and protein? Well, that hasn't happened today. I was going to get a particular ingredient for a dish I have been craving all day (peanut butter, which is something I never consume unless it's cooked into something else), and completely forgot it when I went to the supermarket this evening. By the time I got home, my give-a-fuck-meter was running low, and I totally did not want to rework my dinner plans. So I ate generic crap instead.

2 pieces of wholemeal toast with butter and Vegemite
Tea with soy milk and 1 sugar

Egg sandwich on wholemeal bread, with mayo
Small muffin
Soy latte with 2 sugars


1½ cups of white rice with salmon furikake seasoning
Similar amount porridge made with 2 tbl dried fruit and seeds, with soy milk and about 1tbl honey

For what it's worth, that adds up to 1850 calories, with 67g of fat (low for me, I think, it's about the RDI) and while it looks like carb central, there's actually 66g of protein in there (20g more than the RDI, but just enough if you go by the .8g per kilo of body weight formula, which is fine for general maintenance. I used to go by 1.5g when was doing weights. Anyway, I'll make it up in the next little while).

However, once I refuelled myself, and talking of protein, I made paneer. Why didn't someone tell me earlier it was so easy? Ok, I bought nice organic milk, so it was a few dollars to make, but it's still cheaper than buying the prepared stuff.


Also, comments are now off on LJ. I've still got invites for DW, if you want 'em, or you can do the OpenID thing with your LJ account. I'll still crosspost, and if the grand experiment doesn't work out, no worries, I'll just resurrect commenting on LJ again.

Food log

Jun. 17th, 2009 08:44 pm
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I've been reading the Shapely Prose back-posts, as I may have mentioned earlier, and one of the things that has struck me is how people who have been fat most of their lives often get brainwashed as to how much people in general actually eat, or how much they exercise. Also, I've been amazed at just how little food people on diets are allowed to consume. 1300-1500 calories a day? Holy shit. And it goes to show that the strictly thermodynamic concept of calories consumed, energy expended, and the left-overs being converted to storage (fat) is really not the story at all. How else to explain how women who eat 1300 calories a day and exercise can be still well over 100 kilos, when people like me, who stuff their faces, are just somewhat "overweight" (according to BMI standards. I just call myself "average")? Or are we all liars or delusional? Or is it the fact that our genetics make us metabolise food in wildly divergent ways - some are "burners", some are "storers", and what's healthy for you is quite possibly not healthy for me (at least in terms of the number of calories consumed)? If it isn't obvious, I go for the latter explanation.

So I'm going to do a food log for a week. I think people who might look at themselves as having unhealthy eating habits because they are fat or overweight might need to think about the fact that fatness is often decoupled from what anyone might conceive of as an average way of eating. Sure, as some fuckwits say, you didn't find fatties in concentration camps. Anyone can starve down to emaciation. But someone's point where they start losing weight might be 1800 calories a day; others might find that point is 1200 calories a day; or, conversely, even 2400. But subsisting on 1200 calories a day in order to maintain some arbitrary "ideal" weight is not sustainable, nor is it particularly sane.

I've been eating quite a bit lately, since it's cold. I also feel that I'm towards the chubbier end of my weight range, but I don't know what I weigh. Since my clothes still fit (if a little snugger), I would say I'm about 80-odd kg. That makes my BMI 28. My waist is about .76 the circumference of my hips (and probably about .5 the circumference of my bust, heh). I've never been on a diet, although at times I make efforts to reduce the amount of crap I consume and eat "more healthily". This consists of me cooking for myself more and eating more veges and protein, rather than restricting calories or portion control. I'm exactly mid-cycle right now, and I am not doing very much exercise (I'm doing a wee bit, but I should actually be doing more). I also hardly drink water, not even the fizzy stuff, at this time of the year. Anyway, leading off, here's what I've eaten today.


2 pieces of wholemeal sourdough toast with butter and Vegemite
Cup of tea with one sugar and soy milk

(slightly strange because I was running off to an exam, but the pie shop didn't have any chicken pies, which was my first choice)
2 pieces of cheese-on-toast
2 gherkins
Tea as above

Madras curry made from a few tbl of curry concentrate (spices, tomato, coconut cream), root veges, cauli, beans, fried tofu
White rice
All up, at least 2-2½ cups of rice and curry.

(still hungry - feeling cold and light lunch)
2 pieces of toast with butter and plum jam
Tea as usual

trixtah: (Default), this is interesting:

If you experience more than 10 points on this adult ADD self symptom test, Attention Deficit Disorder is likely present.

oops, that got long )
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The nice thing about YouTube and such things is not just music, but being able to find a huge variety of clips on pretty much anything of interest. This is the best Hun Yuan tai chi clip I've found yet. Just lovely. Ignore the n00b comment in the post that questions how accurate the form is - from my limited understanding, it's spot on. And it looks gorgeous too. It's fantastic to see the flow when a top practitioner does an entire form; I love the dynamic leaping movements that then end with his feet seemingly planted to the earth. He's got a whole pile of other videos which include the 38-form "Cannon" version, and a sabre form. The 9-section whip is fascinating (although the video isn't that clear). There's a mini-doco on the whip here; the master who demonstrates in the second half is amazing.

Anyways, one of the benefits of tai chi and many other meditation and martial art practices is supposed to be an enhanced sense of calm and balance. I also go to the osteopath semi-regularly, and that sends me off into another zone as well. However, as I mentioned to [ profile] saluqi and [ profile] faxon yesterday, it doesn't seem to necessarily be a positive thing. If I do good tai chi (relatively speaking!) or have a big osteo treatment, I feel very calm and quiet and open. Then something comes along to upset that calm, and it sends me into instant irritation. I got severely irritated with a manager shoulder-tapping me about something relatively trivial after an osteopathic treatment on Friday. While I wasn't outright rude, it was bordering on it, and despite the fact I'm an evil snappy Cancerian most of the time, I can normally express irritation without being rude and in less potentially self-damaging ways.

I suppose when I'm really evolved, feeling open and acutely-aware won't necessarily translate to "vulnerable" and "over-sensitive". Speed the day. Although it's nice to know that I'm apparently not the only one.


Aug. 11th, 2007 04:17 pm
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[ profile] dot_queer_snark has broken the 100 user threshold! Unfortunately, it hasn't updated in a few weeks, since all the fodderqueer communities I follow have been relatively sane lately. Damnit. Some of those 100 other users had better start coming up with the goods! :-)

What I also need to do is start posting some content in [ profile] queerly_open, since I haven't really gotten the ball rolling there yet, and there have been some het-poly assumptions that have given me food for thought lately.

Also today, I reactivated an aborted gym membership (hassles with direct debits got that mucked up) and went and tortured myself a bit today. It was fun. Also, without particularly trying, I've somehow managed to lose about 3 kilos in the last few months. Tai chi is helping, I'm sure, and limiting the amount of eating out I was doing undoubtedly has too. I'm not focussed on weight per se, but I do like feeling strong and somewhat muscular. It's unlikely I'll lose much more weight with exercise - in fact, I'll probably gain it again once I build up a bit (I've hovered around 80kg for the last decade) - but having a bit of sleek definition (if that's not a contradiction in terms) isn't such a bad thing either.

Also regarding tai chi, it has really helped my knee get back into shape. I've been striding along when I walk in almost my old manner. It is still a bit tight around the ligaments down the side and gives me the occasional twinge, but it's much much better.

The interesting thing is that now my knee is getting nicely strengthened, my right ankle is feeling quite a bit more delicate. I've badly sprained it a number of times in the past, and it's part of the reason I fucked my knee in the first place - if I place my foot the wrong way, the ligaments are so lax (and were lax even before the sprains) that I a) don't notice the fact I'm going beyond the point of no return as quickly as most would; and b) recovering from when I do notice is pretty much impossible. If my foot lands even slightly badly, I go over. So, I've been feeling aches and tension in my ankle ligaments, and I'm hoping that means I'm using it better now that my knee is more normal, and the tai chi is doing its thing there too. Fingers crossed!

Also apropos of nothing at all, I finally ripped my Region 2 copy of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (more than 3 years since I last watched it, agh), only to find I'd selected the English soundtrack (and the subtitles)! Heh. So wrong! So, another three hours reripping to Mandarin. ::sigh:: My next project is to rip D.E.B.S. (so sue me, I like the occasional cheezy movie), and edit in the sexy scene that got the chop. If anyone wants to check out the somewhat more edgy short that the feature movie was based on, it's here. That is lesbo movie-making and dyke drama that makes me laugh (faults n all).

Oh, and if you want to look at more short movie-making by Angela Robinson - amusing "noir" stuff, although one of the leads annoys me - check out Girltrash. They're 3 minute clips, and it's up to episode 9. There are some fun lines, and Episode 6 with Rose Rollins in the laundromat is priceless. Due to the "bitty" nature of the episodes, it's not exactly high art, but it's pretty fun.


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