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I picked up my car today, which, after various comedies of error, I did literally 10 minutes before the place shut at midday. Getting a call from work because the mail server that was supposed to have been decommissioned 4 months ago (all it does is send bloody email and faxes from SAP) decided to have a minor melt-down didn't help. Still, fixed, collected car.

They tried to find a new seal for the screen, but unfortunately didn't in time. However, they did get the only screen that would fit that was left in Sydney. It's laminated, so it has a faint tint of exactly the colour I intended to get my windows tinted anyway. (Greyish.) So, yay, extra bonus.

I bought a bottle of Nick O'Leary Riesling, which is the first Canberra region wine I can unhesitatingly recommend. Most of them either have a peculiar taste that I don't like or they're ridiculously over-priced for the quality (viz. Clonakilla wines, which are nice enough, but not worth $35+, at least not the ones I've had). So, the riesling - very dry, very slightly astringent, lime flavours and a very very slight floral note, almost honeysuckle. And it was actually very nice with pizza. Pizza with anchovies. :-) $25 and worth it. Apparently he makes a rosé, which I must try (it's hard finding decent rosés!), and a shiraz. Haven't had any Canberra region shirazes yet - I wonder if they're more like the NZ-style syrahs, with the climate here.

Finally, yesterday, I caught a cab up to uni because I missed my bus, and I desperately wanted to go to the gym before my lecture. The cabbie, who was an elderly chap, was listening to some AM station with country music, and regaled me with stories about Slim Whitman  (who was playing at the time) and Paul McCartney. Then some chick came on singing Country Roads, and the old bugger joined in with the track on the radio, warbling along happily until we got to my destination. I have to say that I can't think of a true C&W song that I can bear (I don't mind some Anne Murray and Linda Ronstadt, but the more MOR end of the scale), but it was a cute moment.

Oh, and I'll be in NZ NEXT FRIDAY. For less than a week, but I'm going on a road trip from Wellington to Auckland, which will be FUN. I'm also going to take lots of pics, because I am fucking sick of certain people saying "Yes, the South Island landscape is spectacular." So is the North Island landscape, actually.

ETA: YouTube nostalgia of the evening: Fleetwood Mac (yes, late-70s soft rock, but Stevie was hawt, and I still love Rhiannon, Dreams, Sara and Landside, the original one, goddamit. And Tusk. Stevie Nicks twirling the twirly thing, OMG.), the Eurthymics (don't read the fucking comments on Annie's gender), The Cure (don't read the racist comments from morons who never heard of Camus, not that I like Camus) and this fucking fab fan vid of Placebo's My Sweet Prince.

ETA2: Ok, sometimes YouTube comments aren't that bad. Someone characterised PJ Harvey (yes, I was perving at her again, sue me) as: Polly Jean... the product of Iggy pop fucking Kate Bush.. Rock on.

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My car windscreen blew out while I was driving up to Sydney this afternoon, so I'm stuck here in Goulburn for a few hours until I can get a train. I went for a walk to get some mags to read, and while I was walking up the main street, I heard a bunch of young men driving around yelling. Much to my surprise, as they passed, it turned out they were yelling at ME. 'Fuck you fucking faggot' was pretty much their repertoire. Charming. Now, I may be somewhat butch, but I do have women's hips (even if they aren't particularly broad); perhaps I missed them telling me I was a FAT faggot.

Something similar happened to me 15 years ago, but I was skinnier, wearing leathers, and crewcut. I'm sure I wasn't the only recipient of their attentions this arvo, but what a bizarre choice of epithet.

O well; off to the movies now.
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Need I say more?


And couple more pics in the set, here.

Also, it was nice to show real people and squee in person, and [personal profile] saluqi and[personal profile] scarebear were suitably appreciative, as of course they would be. :-) And yay [personal profile] scarebear for taking sexay pics!

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I picked up my car from the painters a wee while ago, and it looks fucking AWESOME. I was afraid to drive it anywhere, and it took me about three times longer than it normally takes to park it, because I didn't want to scrape anything in the carport. Shiny shiny shiny and blue blue blue. Totally fucking immaculate. There are a few bits and bobs to do - they couldn't find a piece of chrome trim for a wheelarch, but they've tracked one down, so it should arrive soon, and I want to get a left mirror fitted. But it still looks awesome.

Of course, now the interior looks like complete shite, so I suppose that's going to be the next project! Ooops.

Anyway, pics to follow when I get some nice ones, but in the meantime, I had to squee a little. :-D
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I has internets now, of the temporary sort. I bethought myself that I should make the most of the mobility support officer at work being my Own Little Friend, so I scrounged a wireless internet card off him (of the type that is normally loaned out to the execs when they go roaming around). Since I'm on call this week, it's even legitimate. No per-site snooping, either. The card just provides 1GB of data a month, no auditing. Because execs never download porn, eh?

On the news front, I have nearly finished my Exchange server migration. It's going to be three weeks behind schedule when all is done, but the last two servers have been held up by a couple of weeks due to a) the thingummies that connect the server to the super-duper storage system were not ordered (duh! and this was after I said the server was exactly like the ones that currently exist and are attached to the SAN at present with their thingummies); b) half a week of one of those remaining two servers and the new one in Brisbane trying to throw a hissy-fit. No email for a couple of hours on Wed night and Thurs morning, and then another few hours without mail the next evening later while I tried to get the databases into a consistent state so backups would run.

On the somewhat-related-to-work front, the v. cute communications-coordinator chick at work has taken to calling me "T-Mac" (based on my name) and "dude" in our day-to-day dealings (in a gently-teasing kind of way). I am not officially out to her, but you know, not that I'd fool anyone with two eyes for more than two seconds either. I am finding these nicknames slightly cringe-making (do I start wearing fedoras and making outré hand gestures?) and yet endearing. Hmmmm. She's straight and is going to be getting married in six months. Then again, I had a cute straight colleague who had just gotten engaged in my last job... but she was a highly experimental young lady, as it turned out. Heh heh heh. Well, it makes the days pass a bit more pleasantly just as is. :-)

I have had my car modified to run on gas as well as petrol (liquid propane+butane mix, for you furriners). It cost $4000, and I'll be getting $2000 back on a government rebate. The conversion is worth about twice as much as the car is, but I'll feel much happier driving my monster on that basis. The particulate emissions are zero, the petrochemical smog-forming emissions are much less (substances like nitrous oxide and general hydrocarbons), and CO2 emissions are below anything except pure ethanol (and electricity, of course). At the same time, I got a dual-bore carb fitted, so it goes bloody excellently now. Extremely smooth acceleration, and I took it up to 90 miles an hour (145 kph) on the flat with oomph to spare. I went for a wee burn around... which was quite a bit more distance than I thought I covered, with flat straights, hills, windy and dirt roads, and it went fabulously and burned a quarter of a tank.

Finally, a meme ganked from [ profile] saluqi and [ profile] micheinnz because it's been ages:

another languagey meme )


Apr. 14th, 2007 07:31 pm
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Memo to self: when trying to adjust the ignition on your car, while it's idling, do not stick your hand on the top of the distributor cap while tightening the bolt. Electricity hurts and does interesting non-fun-for-you zappy things to your body. I'm not even going to think about secondary coil voltage (up to 1000V).

Actually, one should probably add electricity and engines to the list of things to avoid (like sharp things and burny/heaty things) when one is due to be Blessed by the Goddess in a couple of days.

The reason I was twiddling around with my car tuning is that when I visited [ profile] damned_colonial at the Rowany Festival over Easter weekend, my car was pinking (ignition knock) like crazy when travelling up moderate hills at speed. Since it was fairly recently tuned and running fine at lower speeds or on the flat, I hadn't noticed before. Luckily, I have all the goodies to check out ignition timing and so on - the reason I don't normally tune my own car these days is that I can afford to pay someone to do it with the professional mixture analysis gear etc... and that I find carburettors fairly mystery objects. For example, I did my usual trick of twiddling the mixture screw instead of the idle screw, and I'm not sure if I put it back right. Bah.

cut for copious engine geeking )
So, after my eyes nearly fell out of my head when I shone my timing light into the engine, I put it back to 6° b.t.d.c (after zapping myself) and took it for a drive. No problem up and down the hills at 80mph (125kph?), although it's a tiny bit sluggish taking off at the lights. Since the car is 37 years old, and the engine has a higher compression ratio than the original spec (when a car engine is "reconditioned", they often rebore the cylinders and ensure there is a tighter fit to the pistons), it's no wonder that I might need to "advance" the timing a bit (but not 30° advanced!). I'll tweak it a bit tomorrow. I'm wondering if the distributor bolt slipped while I've been driving it around after the last workshop tune, since I found it very easy to undo. I should probably keep an eye on it.

And yes, I did want to be a mechanic when I was in my late teens, but unfortunately apprenticeships for girls in the mid-late 80s were in short supply (not to mention my family wanting someone to get a degree. Ooops). Maybe since [ profile] micheinnz has gone in for being a sparkie after being sick of IT, I could go in for being a mechanic when I burn out. Nah, I'm also sick of working in environments that consist of at least 90% men (sorry guys) - 20 years of it is starting to feel like enough.
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Or, obviously I'm really a gurl.

I was reading this review of the BMW Z4 in the Guardian today, and the author wrote this:

When BMW brought out the car's predecessor, the Z3, it was regularly flagged up as being 'feminine'. And don't think for a minute that reviewers were using that adjective in a positive sense. With the Z4, BMW seems to have been determined to make as masculine a car as possible. From the four exhaust pipes at the back to the extra-wide tyres and the thick, rubbery steering wheel, the Z4 is as male as a badger-hair shaving brush. My wife drove the test car and pronounced it 'boorish' and 'pathetically macho'. Words which led me to expect the best. And the Z4 did not disappoint. Raw yet refined, powerful yet controlled, it's one of the most exhilarating drives I've had.
Now, if I had ridiculous amounts of money, I'd like a Z3 roadster. I think they're as spunky as hell, especially compared to the, yes, boorish-looking Z4. What I'd like to know is just what the "masculinity" of the Z4 has to do with its bloody performance. I mean, fuck, the running gear and the engine is one thing. Just because it's been made more blocky-looking to pander to pathetic little ...egos is something else.

Makes me wonder about all those "pussies" driving E-type Jags, which are still held up to be one of the best sports cars ever. Now, there's a girly-looking car.

Happy car

Jan. 9th, 2007 06:07 pm
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Went and had a couple of bits and bobs done to my car today. It's been making a kind of squealing noise when idling for ages. Two mechanics didn't have a clue. I took it to the suspension shop to have the upper front bushings replaced (rubber instead of neoprene), and saw there was a new mechanic next door. I took my courage into both hands, and went to see if they could check out the noise (the suspension guys couldn't find it either), and also do a full service by way of my little "test" for them. Up until now, there's only been one out of 4 mechanics who has done it properly.

The suspension was a quite a bit more than expected. When the guy mentioned that the parts would cost about $60, he neglected to mention the small fact that the labour would be more than $250. Eeep. Oh well, at least it's done. After nearly $400.

When I went to pick it up from the mechanic next door, he mentioned they'd found and fixed the squeal. One of the bolts holding the inlet manifold on had sheared off entirely (leaving a hole), and the other was barely hanging on. New bolts, no squeal.

Also, and thank god!, the service they did was fantastic. The car is idling perfectly. Not too fast. Quiet. They found the pitman arm bolt (steering) was loose as well, and now it steers much more firmly. The suspension guys didn't pick that up, and steering is supposedly one of their checks. They also mentioned the headlights are dim, and the dimmer switch (which is a foot-operated one) is flaky. While I don't think the switch is too bad (it does work), no-one else has mentioned the headlights in the two years I've had it, and it did cross my mind they could be brighter.

So, here's a piccie of the wee beast to celebrate smooth runnings. The visor over the windscreen is standard-issue Aussie airconditioning of the early 70s. Heh. Actually, some cars did have air-con fitted as an extra, but they were few and far between. Extras like that tended to be about 10 years behind their common use in the US.

Next jobs are to get the new inlet manifold and air cleaner I've ordered, so that I can get the dual-draft carb that was the extra option for my particular model refitted. It's a 6-cyl engine, but the S series (which this is), used the same carb as the lower-end V8 version of the car. Then I want to get new steel headers fitted, instead of the current cast-iron (heavy) outlet manifold, and then we'll be pumping.

Then me and my bizzatches will be goin' for a riiiide. :-)
Happy car
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I like my car, a lot. She might look like shit, but she runs nicely when she's looked after properly. And she doesn't require a lot of looking after.

So, I took it in last week to get a service. While I didn't think it desperately needed a tune, it wasn't picking up acceleration as well as it might, and was chewing through a bit more gas than usual, as well as requiring more choke. I thought the mixture might have been running a bit lean.

When they did the service, they said that the coil was the incorrect type (I knew this - I had an electronic distributor fitted and for some reason the guy didn't put in the correct coil at the time, although it ran ok. The proper coil delivers a higher voltage to the distributor), and then they mentioned that the rear brake cylinders had leaked all over the rear brake shoes, requiring replacement and remachining and new linings yadda yadda. Since I had explicitly asked them if they needed doing properly 6 months ago, this was irritating, to say the least. So, I agreed with them to bring it back in this week to get those two bits of work done.

It was still running not as sweetly as I wanted after the tune, so I booked it into the carburettor shop where I got the reconditioned carb fitted to replace the old POS that was in there when I got the car. The service guys obviously couldn't get the mixture right to save their lives, so better off getting the experts to look at it.

Cut to today, when I brought it in to get the brake and coil work done. New coil, rewiring, new rear brakes and cylinders... nearly $600. Then the guy pipes up and says, "Oh, we were having problems with the mixture with the variable jet in the carburettor, so we replaced it with a fixed one. And, you know, they can leak and stuff, it's a pain."

You know those moments where you're momentarily so angry that you can't say anything? And then you realise that if you open your mouth, you'll embarrass yourself so mightily, it's best not to. I don't mind if a mechanic tells me something needs doing in advance - but to run off and fuck with a carbie that had been fitted less than 12 months before, which was undoubtedly NOT leaking, just because they couldn't fucking adjust it properly... it pisses me off.

Anyway, I paid, grabbed my keys and stalked out the door. I took it for a longish drive - about 50-70km or so. I don't know how far I went or how fast I was going, because the bloody dashboard lights aren't working. They were working yesterday. If I put my foot down hard, it hesitated (it's been doing that for a while, but I expected that to be fixed). Going up hills at what I assume was 75mph was less grunty than usual. I got back to my garage, and sat there and let it idle for about 10 min - after a decent run like that, you expect it to be nicely warmed up and have blown all the cobwebs out. Alas, it was idling fast. I got my car multimeter out and found that it was idling at 750rpm too fucking fast. Being a 3 litre 6 cyl engine, between 550-600rpm is optimum - fucking 4 cyl 995cc Morrie Minors idle at 800rpm. So much for better fuel economy, eh?

So, I still need to take it to the carbie shop to get their fucked work undone. And I will so not be going back there to get it tuned again. Although, bugger, I need them to get the bloody dash lights working again (they would have had to remove the steering wheel to get at the coil wiring). GAH!

At least the brakes are better... :-/

Sydney fun

Apr. 24th, 2005 11:07 pm
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I had an excellent trip to Sydney (other than moderately annoying work stuff), and had excellent fun hanging out with [ profile] damned_colonial, who is a tour guide par excellence. Expecially considering she's only been living there for a couple of months. We did some shopping for meaty electronic gadgets (vicarious gadget shopping is excellent), and my wee vee-hickle came in handy for transporting the swag. We got a ferry to Manly beach, and I got to inhale tons of salt air, which made me feel more "myself" than I have felt for a while. There was also a successful Hornblower pimping exercise, so I'm looking forward to reading some nice juicy slash with a finer appreciation of the characters involved. Yay!

So, I toodled off home a couple of hours later than I was expecting, no problem, around sunset. That was when the (heavy irony alert) "fun" really started. In Sydney, on the main highway from the east, you pay tolls coming and going. So, going, I got to the toll gate, paid the nice lady my $3.20 and attempted to put my car into first gear so that I could drive off. The attempt failed. Oh dear. And continued to fail; I could not move the gear stick in ANY direction whatsoever. This particular car has a 3-speed (+ reverse) gearbox, mounted on the steering column, so driving it is normally pretty fun. Not today, alas.

After quite a bit of cursing and bashing (well, a couple of minutes' worth), I told the nice lady that I would attempt to get out of her lane and go to the carpark on the left. I was stuck in third gear, thank god, not neutral, so there was motive power available. Luckily there was only one other lane to the left of the one I was in, and there was no problem stopping traffic through there for a couple of seconds. Even more luckily, there is nothing wrong with the clutch, so after much revving and clutch-riding, I was able to manoeuvre to the parking space.

I sat and ruminated on things for a wee while (as one does), and considered the fact that getting a tow somewhere in Sydney would mean that my car couldn't be fixed for at least a few days (tomorrow being a public holiday), and there is no way in hell that I can afford to have a couple of days away from work with our Exchange rollout beginning next weekend. I also considered the fact that, after the toll gates, it is entirely highway all the way to Canberra, my flat is one block off the main road into Canberra, and there are only a few sets of traffic lights on that route, on a flat stretch of road, thus no need for anything resembling a hill start.

With all those ruminations done, I thought "what the hell" and drove off. Now, the nice thing about these cars only having three gears is that it is entirely possible to drive the 280-odd kms from Sydney to Canberra only using one of them. I could start off in third, and of course, top gear is also third, so I was quite happily tootling along at about 110km/h all the way back. If I had been stuck in first, well, that would have put paid to my plan, since there was no way I was going to drive back at 20km/h, while burning out my gearbox in the process (leaving aside the fact that I wouldn't have the faintest idea how to get from Sydney to Canberra via back roads, if they exist). Granted, being in third meant that getting from 0-110 took a minute or so, but I wasn't racing on a dragway.

The challenge began when I reached Canberra, where there is one of Canberra's famous roundabouts (roundabouts are great, but really, Canberra specialises in them). Luckily, there was no-one else on the roundabout, so I was able to cruise through there about about 40-50km/h (a little fast, but really, I wasn't caring so much then). I had almost a clear run with traffic lights, by some miracle; I only had to stop twice, and both stops were on a slight downward slope. Turning into the side street into my house was a similar situation, and I decided that the Give Way signs were really "slow down and hope like hell that no-one decides to come now", which worked. I arrived in one piece, and while my clutch was smelling hot, it isn't burned out.

So, well, despite the fact that the car is so old made this mechanical failure more likely, I am glad that I was driving such an old car. There aren't many modern cars where, say, fourth gear has a long enough ratio where you can comfortably negotiate a set of traffic lights from a standing start within the required time. Or that third gear is comfortable enough to drive at around 100km/h for three hours. I'm hoping it's a reasonably simple case of the gear levers heading into the gearbox getting their knickers in a knot, in much the same way as old typewriter keys did if you mashed a whole bunch of them at once. If it's the innards of the steering column, it's bound to be a more costly exercise, although I could get them to renew the steering bushing at the same time, since the steering in general is somewhat loose (and I've been kind of putting off getting it done).

So, that is my excitement for the weekend, it's been a good'un!

Life in Oz

Mar. 26th, 2005 04:29 am
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I was taking my car for a longish drive after the various fixings of mechanic cockups (just over an hour each way, non-stop, and she was humming like a top; it's luuurve), and THIS is what I found:

If you can't tell, it's a giant merino sheep (hey, I'm a real kiwi, I know what variety it is), in Goulburn, in the "heart of the Southern Highlands" of NSW. Guess what kind of farming the Southern Highlands is famous for. You know, I thought I'd get away from some of the sheep, living here rather than in NZ. Alas no. And look at the size of it. We have giant thingies in NZ as well (kiwifruit, carrots, L&P bottles... but nothing that dwarves cars like THAT.

[apols for picture quality. it was late afternoon and my phone camera is crap]

And here's proof (if anyone needed it) that all Australian women are NOT doormats:

She did 75km/h all the way to the highway onramp (in a 60k zone - I know cos I was doing 70). Big hair, long fingernails and blasting something loud with guitars all the way... :-)

ETA: Actually, that second picture tends to encapsulate the differences in gender relations between Aussies and kiwis -- a New Zealand woman would not bother putting that message on the tailgate. Of course it's her effing ute, if she's driving it!
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I've had a horrible week, with the PMT from hell. Which for me, isn't really too bad - a low stress-tolerance and a shorter fuse is it. However, I've been struggling for over 2 weeks to construct a test environment for our Exchange 2003 rollout. I couldn't get the existing data from our backups onto our test server, and we had ONE server that had enough space to copy the DBs onto disk, which meant taking the mail server offline for 4 hours (not a trivial exercise - I'm not fond of working till 3am), and then finding, once I copied them from the staging server to our test server, that the databases would not mount. I realise this makes very little sense to anyone normal, but this has been my week. With the hormones.

So. I fixed the databases - eventually - and now my test environment is working!! Yay! Which means we can go on with testing and roll out Exchange 2003 in the next month or so. Which means I keep my job for a while longer (being a contracter and all). I started my period yesterday, so my mood is much improved (typical - why did the dbs start working after that? The two things are not related!).

And my car is all happy and healthy, having now been tuned by someone who knew what he was doing. I had a reconditioned carb fitted as well, since the one that was there had a base that belonged to the smaller engine for this model car (thus less of a bore for the petrol to get in - whoever did that was a tosser). I took her for a nice 50k drive after work, and we were cruising nicely at 65-70mph along the Federal Highway (105-112kph)... I realised how much I missed driving.

Hah, yes, I had someone ask me why someone like me, who's very much into the joys of public transport and riding my bike, got a car. One is I simply like driving. But I haven't had a car for 7 years and that's always been true. Public transport in Canberra is dire. The buses go to most places, but they go infrequently (except along a couple of main routes). I can understand why. This town is horribly spread out. Virtually all of the housing is single-storey. Each suburb is in its own little "pod", with highways between that take a minimum of 15 minutes to drive along, and often more. The population is low (less than Wellington, about 320,000 people, in a land area of 2431km^2), so it's no wonder buses are so few, especially if they're run as a profit-making entity. Similarly too with bike-riding, if I want to ride somewhere and be in a reasonable state when I arrive (ie. not totally covered with sweat and puffing), 30 minutes is about it. So, to go to the beach (2 hours away, on the coast) and/or visit my not-exactly-ex girlfriend and the fandamily, a car is the way to go. I have no problems with having a "weekend car". I haven't yet commuted to work driving, and I'm not about to start...

Getting back to the point... oh yes - work is fixed, car is fixed, I'm no longer hormonal, I've found a cool new game to play, it's the weekend, so I can sleep in tomorrow... Life is pretty good right now.
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I knew this was going to happen!!! Well, my car passed the inspection, although it apparently needed new pedal rubbers to pass. Who knew, eh? I thought it was traditional to drive an old Holden with bare metal under the feet.

However. I also asked them to do a full service and a tune-up. Ok, they changed the oil and put on new filters. Nice. Did they do a lube? No. Did they tune the car? Maybe. You know how I said it was running sweetly? When I got it back, I drove it for about 10 minutes, and thought, hm, it's idling a bit fast. On Saturday, I went for a longer drive, about half an hour, and it definitely was idling too fast, it chewed through $10 of gas. This wasn't good.

I couldn't wait to go to another mechanic, so I bought a car multimeter for about $250. Would you believe the largest car parts shop (Repco) in Canberra didn't have a timing light? Or, actually, one that is only suitable for electronic ignitions, which cost $600. Uh, no thanks. Hopefully another shop somewhere will have a plain jobbie.

So, the three base things for a tune are to have your idle speed and mixture (carburettor), dwell angle (distributor points' spark gap) and timing (distributor, when the spark fires to ignite the petrol), set correctly. These figures are kept in nice old fashioned car manuals. So I rigged up the multimeter and tested the idle speed. 900rpm! These cars are supposed to idle at 600. I tweaked it as best I could and have got it down to about 650, but I suspect the float level in the carb is too high (too much petrol coming in, so it's running a bit "rich"). But it's better. Then I checked the dwell angle. 50-something-random degrees! It should 30 degrees, +/- 2. Someone had installed the points and then tightened the cam screw so hard that the screw is somewhat stripped, and I can't undo it to fix it. I checked the invoice again, and sure enough, I got charged for a new set of breaker points, so they cocked that up too. And since the dwell angle is all wrong, they obviously got the figure for that out of the same place as the idle speed (their arse, by the looks of it). Even a small 4 cylinder car like a Morrie Minor or Mini idles at 800rpm. That is NOT how a 6 cyl engine runs. I can't check the timing without the timing light, alas.

So, don't go to the damn Braddon Service Centre if you have an old Holden. They may be fine if you have a nice late-model Japanese thingie, where they can just plug in the computer and tweak things that way. Not not for this kind of car. And you know, tuning these kinds of cars is about the only thing I can do mechanically (as well as oil filters and suchlike), because it's easy. And it just confirms my old theory: never go to a mechanic attached to a service station. They're always crap, in my experience. Unfortunately, I didn't know where they were before I booked the car. I should have followed my instinct on the day and gone elsewhere. Oh well, I have the roadworthiness thingie, I can now transfer the ownership...
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...the HT Holden Kingswood, the day before yesterday. And she runs sweet, all three gears, column shift, and everything. She's going in for a checkup tomorrow and to get the "roadworthy certificate". Can you believe the only time you have to get a car inspected in Canberra is when you transfer ownership? Me neither. I mean, the car is only two years younger than I am, and I really need to be inspected regularly for "roadworthiness". So to speak.

I'm a bit concerned about the mechanic. It's like getting one's hair cut the first time: are they going to listen to what you tell them, or are they going to completely balls it up and then overcharge you? We'll see.
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After managing to lose my keys (after a loooong day), and having to traipse all the way back to work to get them, I'm now happy at home, drinking Coopers Extra Strong Vintage Ale (Coopers (agh agh, no apostrophe!) Beer really is one of the best things about Oz), listening to vintage Massive Attack (now that I finally have my stereo - sometimes a Walkman isn't enough), and I've heard just that I might be able to buy a vintage HT Holden! Currently registered! Just down the road! For a grand! I'll be going to kick its tires on Sunday.... eeeeeee!!!


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