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God, I loathe loathe loathe loathe clothes-shopping. Yet another futile expedition to the mall today. The only stuff I'd contemplate wearing in the shops at the moment is all menswear. And while I like some menswear styles, I a) have be feeling quite robust to shop for men's clothes in Canberra; and b) only expect to actually be able to wear a tiny proportion because I do have a woman's body. Which I'm about 80% pleased with; almost the only time I have vague inklings of thinking it'd be handy to be a man is on these shopping expeditions.

Also, embarrassingly enough, I think I actually prefer to go shopping with someone else, if they are across my style, such as it is, and have sufficient patience for my angsting (I can't do more than a couple of hours anyway, at the best of times). I do reciprocate by quite enjoying girly-type shopping (as long as it isn't high-maintenance shopping).

Anyways, the reason I was looking is that I've been invited to a Women in IT convention thingie in Melbourne, with a keynote address to be given by Julia Gillard. I was feeling pretty reluctant to go in any case, since hanging out with a room full of complete strangers fills me with horror at the best of times (there are other people going from work, but not from my area). However, now that I actually have nothing to wear - and I don't have anything suitable (I don't even have a proper boring business suit right now) - that pretty much puts the kibosh on it. Meh.

Oh great

Dec. 19th, 2009 10:01 pm
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If Christmas at home wasn't going to be horrific enough this year, what with arrested nephews and WWIII having broken out between my aunt and my mother, it turns out I will be in the throes of PMT. Everyone had better keep their mouths shut, or else I might break out a few home truths.

On a more cheerful front, here are Edwardian-styled clothes of complete sexiness, made with traditional fabrics like drill, linen, moleskin, wool serge. It's times like these I wish I were a man, or at least a bit more manly-bodied. Maybe it's a sign of impending hormonal rumptions (in terms of "time of life") that my dislike of my more girlie attributes is more pronounced at present than it has been for years. Or perhaps it's the fact I'm feeling a bit disconnected from my body in general. Hm.

Anyway, getting back to the cheerful part, I love these trousers (but wouldn't be able to carry them off, due to the fact the waist would pretty much reach my boobage), and these (which I am seriously contemplating, if I can suck up the price), and these spunky shirts (there are women's shirts as well, but as with most women's shirts, it looks like the length is not sufficient for my body, dagnabit - I actually like the length of my torso, except when it comes to buying any shirts that I want to remain inside my trousers). These women's trousers are quite nice, although side-buttoning, poo poo poo. And there are one or two nice things for the real ladeez as well.

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I want to buy a linen or heavy cotton jacket for work, which doesn't come in beige, or white, and which actually ends below my waistline and above my boobline. These things apparently don't exist in shops in Australia (according to Google), and they certainly don't seem to in Canberra.

I have found the perfect jacket... but it's a man's jacket. The question I have is, if I bought such a jacket, is it feasible to have it altered by a professional tailor to fit my substantial anatomy? I don't want it tight-fitting, but I do swim in men's clothing that fits my chest. Shortening sleeves and things is fine, but can the basic shape be somewhat adjusted to indicate I do have a waist, while coping with hips, narrow shoulders and boobage? If so, should I buy a size up from what comfortably fits my chest (my bustline is about an inch bigger than my hips), or would that be unnecessary?

Thanks for any input!

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I'm at home (yay NZ) and it's very very nice here. It's warm for starters (15°C), and a wee bit of rain is not bothering me in the slightest. In fact, the humidity is nice. It's annoying to realise just how much I'm a creature of my climate-of-birth. Also, yay greenery.

I had been expecting to do some clothes shopping in the UK, but it didn't happen. It IS happening here. I actually spent an enjoyable day shopping, which is the first time ever in my entire life. I've also spent over a grand, bad bad bad me. However, I have a new paisley shirt, two three new pairs of trousers, a new dress-yet-casual jacket, and, um, a piece of art. Regarding the latter, I was walking past the gallery, spotted what was inside, and my tongue nearly fell out of my face. The guy takes photos, prints them on art paper, and then waterpaints the print. They're utterly atmospheric, and I fell in love at first sight. Obviously, I liked some works more than others, but I managed to keep myself away from the $850+ (unframed) jobbies. Yay art.

With my clothes shopping, I found that the designery shops around High St are currently having their winter sales. I was pleasantly surprised at the fantastic customer service I got. These are moderate-to-pricey shops, I was looking at the menswear sections, and each time I got prompt and friendly service. While I'd like to be cool and groovy and be able to stroll into any shop and look at what I damn-well please, I need to be in a particular mood to do that in challenging circumstances (ie. not very often) - not having to contend with uncomfortable, disdainful or hostile assistants makes shopping an order of magnitude more enjoyable. Not to mention the fact I found cool things to wear. Now I just need to get all the trousers and sleeves shortened.

I've also been pigging out on nommy Japanese and fusion fuds, and I've had two cocktails and three coffees. I'm glad my stomach appears to be 95% recovered; there have been no ill-effects so far. Heh. Oh, one of the cocktails was from Mea Culpa, which has a supposedly signature variation on a Moscow Mule, with lime, wasabi and ginger ale. I could taste the wasabi, but the rest tasted like a sweetened rendition of the cucumber slice that was used to garnish the drink. Too sweet, no lime or ginger discernable (if there was ginger ale/beer in it, it must have been Bundy). Very disappointing. The ridiculously sky-blue Sapphire Surprise at Honey was much nicer.

Onto all the wild socialising tomorrow!
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(?) Industry House, which is a new building that has gone up over the road from work, is using a bark-and-(possibly) native-grasses garden as part of the surrounds. There are still a few too many concrete slabs covering the rest of the space, but at least it's not a water-hungry garden or another fucking fountain. It amazes me how a city, which has been in a drought for 8 years, can still be so gung-ho about running the stupid things.


I don't know if it's a "trend", but the number of women walking around in dark outfits and light-coloured heels is astounding. I don't pretend to be a fashion expert, but it's just a bad look. Also, to the woman with the navy suit and lilac heels, I hope you're colourblind, because otherwise there is no excuse.

PS. Got both eps of Torchwood today. Eee!
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I have committed successful shopping!! For an item of clothing!!!eleventy1!!!!!

I have two business-ish jackets which currently sort of fit. I seem to have somehow lost the last one I bought in London, which would fit as well. The two I have are both vile and were bought out of desperation. My current shopping strategy is to buy whatever I find that looks good, no matter if I can't exactly afford it right then, at least until I get my work wardrobe up to scratch. I have bought two such items in the last year, one of which being one of the barely-adequate jackets.

Anyways, I was somehow feeling robust this evening and hit the mall. I tried on the three decentish looking jackets at Myer that I found, with no luck. Even if it is a size 16, if the bottom of it finishes a matter of barely two inches below my waist (really), and the buttons start on or under my bust, it is not a good look. For me. I don't know why they're all cut like that this year.

I went across the way to David Jones in the spirit of seeing the horror out to the bitter end, and fell across a nice-looking one. Eee! There was an 18 and a 14. The 18 could have had an entire tribe of Berbers encamped within its folds, so with great trepidation, I grabbed the 14. It went over my arms! The buttons started halfway between my collarbone and my nipple line! It fitted!!!! Thank christ. $400 on sale is not exactly the cheapest item in the world, but what the fuck.

It's a very deep charcoal with a subtle pinstripe, so I hope it will go with my black pants and my grey ones. I also want a grey jacket, but those appear to be like hen's teeth right now. There is no hope wishing for deep greyish-blues or extremely deep greens, because they don't exist. Apparently. I'm not adverse to some colour, but you couldn't tell that by the selection I have to choose from (bright colours, pastels and anything with yellow are not me).

After being bolstered by that, I went shopping for a much-needed new bra or two. You know what? I might be in massive denial here, but I am not going to wear an 18E. What the hell is it when the one size 14 jacket fit perfectly, the size 16 jackets had me bulging in horrible places and the 18E bra only just fit? Maybe some of the lacy numbers would have worked better, but there is a limit to the kind of girlie harness I can endure.

I gave up on that, and went much-needed shoe shopping. I've had my one pair of work shoes for 8 years now, almost to the month. Ecco had the nearest to what I wanted: black, leather, fully-enclosed, lace-up or buckle (slipons generally don't give enough room to my high arches), un-narrow toe, and no heel to speak of. The problem with the Ecco was that the sole of the shoe would be better off on a ballet slipper. Fine if you drive everywhere, but not if you walk to work every day. Also, $200. The bloke shoes, with about twice the amount of leather, were the same price and actually had a functional sole. If they came in a size 5 1/2 (or whatever it is in Oz, 7ish?) I would have bought them.

Still, I achieved something today.
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So, yeah, [ profile] damned_colonial was having a wee chat about dandies last week. And I thought of Viktor & Rolf, the designers. If I had a shitload of cash, I would be buying my clothes from them.

So, here's an image from their women's collection for this winter - a dandy can be a creature of any gender...

v&R winter


May. 16th, 2005 09:52 pm
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I am such a fashionista - not - and always thought that "dyke fashion" was an oxymoron.

It seems that I'm wrong.

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I'm going to Hawaii in August (woo hoo!) and I looooove Hawaiian shirts (if they're not too busy, and are made of silk or cotton - not poxy rayon). And I've just found the cooolest site with 50s and 60s shirts! Some of these are awesome... Vintage Hawaiian shirts. Images 1,2,3 and 5 are just fab


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