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Have kind of just realised that I'm not very good at dealing with emotional stuff. I mean, I was ROTTEN at it up until my early 20s, but after having my butt kicked by one of my girlfriends, kind of got myself to the point where I thought I was at least average. Actually no.

In summary:
  • Quite often, it takes a long time to realise I'm feeling unsettled about something.
  • When I do realise, I often don't know WHY I'm feeling that way
  • If I figure out WHY I'm feeling that way, I often have no idea whether my interpretation of the other person's actions or words has any basis in reality, or if I'm projecting crap.
  • It's difficult to ask, because then it's like I'm potentially accusing them of something I'm probably completely mistaken about.
  • I find it almost impossible to express myself verbally when it's important (and yes, both negatively and positively).
  • I'm not at all good at "calm and rational" discussion (I am not a calm person), but I have an absolute abhorrence of screaming fights - this doesn't leave much in the way of mechanisms for resolving things.
  • My first (and second and third) reaction, on feeling guilt or shame or embarrassment or stupid, is to hide. And quite often I do feel stupid and embarrassed, with emotional matters.
  • I'm useless at devising strategies for fixing emotional issues.

I'm nearly 43 - I wish I could get my shit together.
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I've had a day of feeling somewhat "off", but put it down to having a few glasses of wine at a work celebration last night. However, as I was walking out the door to go home, I started feeling decidedly crook - everytime I moved, I felt exceedingly nauseated.

Cut for moderate grossness )
Having sat rugged up at home for a few hours, I've not thrown up since, and I've had some soup and toast. I hope like fuck it doesn't happen again tomorrow. I was also feeling fairly angstful about having made a mess of my car, but on thinking of it, riding a jerky bus home would have been worse. Walking was out of the question.

The really irritating thing is that I was going out to dinner at the swanky Courgette restaurant this evening - we finished off a major project last week, and the project team were having an exclusive dinner celebration, and I was one of the select few invited (the general drinkies for everyone involved at all levels was last night). So, missing out on a free dinner there with fairly pleasant company (the project team are quite a nice bunch of people) really really sucks.

And while I'm grizzling, I've run out of soy milk. I really want nurturing cups of tea tonight, and I actively dislike normal black tea served without milk (teas like jasmine and green are of course fine without, but I don't actually call those nurturing). Fuckity fuck.
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There are many many things I am capable of doing, and some of them I do quite well, but it turns out that tub-dying a heavy cotton bedspread is not one of them. The undyed spotches are so bad I can't even pretend they were an intended artistic effect.

Meh, I can't exactly bowl up to the local laundromat and toss the bedcover and more dye into one of their machines. I'll have to think of something else, but perhaps not when my hormones are about to blow.


Dec. 25th, 2009 10:43 pm
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So I thought I'd save a bit of cash this time round, and I'm staying in a backpacker's in Ponsonby, which is a suburb that is nice and central and full of cafes.

This place is clean, queer-friendly and the room is decent (I got a private en-suite room - there is a limit). But this is the second bloody night in a row where people have played loud music for hours in the patio out the back, while talking drunkenly and loudly at the same time (also, what is it about upper-middle-class poms and their shrill braying? Some think antipodean accents are annoying).

Last night they kept going till after three. Now it's nearly 1, and they're still going. And ear-plugs are making no damn difference. Well, I'll ask the nice gay guy at reception if this is the normal thing for this place, and if it is, I won't be staying here again. I get quite narky when I'm not able to go to sleep when I want to, and right now I'm sitting on an almost irresistible urge to go out and smash their boombox to the ground, and jump on it a few times.

Still, I found that my favourite place to eat in Auckland is still there after 20 years, so I'll post about that another day. :-) And I have been squeezing babies and getting nice nurturing vibes from some of my nearest and dearest.

Oh, and for LULZ, a Dell representative decided to reply to me about the rant I posted up about their horrific customer support .... Nice going with trying to take me to task in my own journal!

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I need a holiday. I've been having twinges of existential angst this weekend - why am I here? Is this the kind of job I want to do? Is there any point continuing study in this field? What the fuck am I expecting to achieve?

And then there was a fun one this afternoon - I had a few moments of seriously wishing I weren't poly. It's interesting - I've never had a problem with internalised homophobia, not even when I saw the first softcore porno when I was 16 with an MFF scene in it (I was like "holy fuck, I'm not straight!"), or self-hatred in general. But I struggled with being non-monogamous all throughout my 20s, and there are relationships that ended simply because of that fact. As well as the fact I was in denial (I like commitment, in an extremely independent kind of way) and totally mishandled things as a result. But the dating pool for poly dykes is pretty minuscule. I most certainly don't want to get entangled with someone who wants to do the U-Haul thing; conversely, I don't want casual shags. Hah, despite my wibbles about social events in general, I have no doubts about my abilities to pick someone up for a shag, if I get that desperate. I'm just not that desperate; I happen to prefer shagging people I like.

I also don't know why I'm thinking about all that when I'm not actually interested in getting entangled in general at the moment (unless it's a clearly defined FWB-type thing). I don't have the emotional space. But, yeah, the wanting to get rid of something that's just part of me, fuzzy boundaries and all (in one sense), and which, after acknowledging, has allowed me to have the most functional relationships of my entire life, was a bit strange.

Perhaps it's mid-life crisis time. Heh.

Anyways, it's nothing bad, per se. Mid-winter mehness is probably the predominant driver, general energy drain, and the need for a decent break and some positive vibes.

On a completely irrelevant note, the sky and light late this afternoon looked like Millais's picture of Autumn Leaves. Very evocative.
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Yet another problem with the Canberra mail server today, exactly the same as last time, and involving the same user's mailbox. However, since last time I had moved his mailbox to its own separate database, with its own set of transaction logs on a separate disk, I cannot for the life of me understand why transactions relating to his mailbox filled up everyone else's transaction log disk.

I suspect there was something going on with his EA's mailbox, since there were a few transactions relating to both her and his mailboxes just before everything went haywire. Her mailbox was still in one of the other databases. It isn't any longer, and neither is any other Blackberry user's.

It took me hours to move the 100 or so mailboxes, due to the ridiculous size some of them are. Also, no-one should have frigging 3000 Calendar items in Outlook, much less 5000 ...or 7000. A simple Calendar item is around 4KB - with copious notes and attachments, they can get much larger. 7000 x 4KB (let's be generous) is 27MB. A normal mailbox quota in our organisation is 80MB. No wonder these idiots keep whining for bigger mailboxes. (And yes, we send out advice urging users to clean out their Calendars regularly - we even sent  one out two weeks ago).

I'm very tempted to recommend a policy where Calendar items more than 13 months old get cleared out automatically. We'll still get some with 3000 items, but there aren't that many people having 10 meetings a day nearly every day of the year. I'm also going to implement a policy where Deleted Items more than 30 days old (or maybe 60) get cleared out. It's amazing how many people think it's an extra storage area... and who often labour under the misapprehension that Deleted Items somehow don't count as part of the mailbox quota.

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I got my tragus pierced a couple of months ago, and it was refusing to settle down. It wasn't infected or anything dire, but it felt uncomfortable and was impossible to keep clean due to the short bar with a broad flange at the back.

So I went along to the tattoo/piercing studio where I got it done, and asked to get the bar replaced with a 14ga circular barbell. I didn't like being pierced with a 16ga bar, and I thought that the problems I was having was due to the fact that the piercing had no room to move.

The piercer observed that it looked "inflamed" (no kidding), and that it might be best not to mess around with it. I insisted we do do something about it! He flatly refused to do the 14ga circular barbell, so in the interests of getting the thing over, I agreed that 16ga would do. He took out the straight bar, commented that it was fairly oogy (I knew, due to the problems with cleaning), and then told me that I had a "keloid" in the interior part of my ear, around the piercing site. And have I (this was the third time he asked) had any similar problems with piercings? Actually, no. Then he reckoned that piercing in cartilage can be "sensitive". That's interesting, because my 14ga rook piercing with a captive bead ring has been in my other ear for nearly 15 years, and never gave me a problem (even though it's the side I sleep on).

At no time did he indicate he might have made a bad jewellery choice, and that the compression from the too-small bar had probably caused the piercing problem. I also don't like people who use incorrect terminology. A keloid is a fibrous lump that can form from scar tissue. They are pretty much impossible to eradicate without surgery, and even then, more keloids can form. What I think I have - since it's soft and was caused by pressure around the bar's flange - is hypertrophic scarring or a blowout. It may even be an abscess (although I doubt the latter). These are way more treatable than a true keloid, which just keeps growing.

So, while he's actually good at putting holes in people, I won't be getting any new work done there. If I think someone has more knowledge than I do, I tend to follow their advice, thus my not stirring up a fuss about the initial jewellery choice. I thought that perhaps only the one kind of jewellery was pre-sterilised, but I spotted plenty of other kinds when I was getting the barbell replaced - including circular barbells.

Summary of annoyances:
  • No consultation about the initial jewellery choice
  • 16ga jewellery (which is notorious for causing a "cheesecutter" effect
  • Lack of acknowledgement of his possible contribution to the problem
  • Refusal to upsize to 14ga when swapping over (he did explain he was worried about the state it's in, although it's not bad or excessively painful)
  • Lack of suggestions to mitigate the problem - I had to suggest a circular barbell (or a CBR)
  • Giving me a heart-attack by saying that I have a "keloid" (it is not a generic term for a lump by a piercing site!)
  • I bought a new tunnel for my other earlobe - he placed the unwanted bar he removed into the same bag as the new tunnel (after a cursory clean with alcohol, but still!)
  • And they have a crap jewellery selection in general
So, yeah, good piercing technique, shame about the rest. I do hope it's not a keliod. I'm giving it lots of salt water soaks (well, one a day), greasing it up with hypercal cream and trying not to fiddle with it. I hope it resolves soon, and I can get the jewellery I actually want put in.
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I had a nice time at the CDL and the Bear's yesterday, building another garden patch, which we did mightly due to the CDL doing most of the heavy stuff since I managed to do something bizarre to my back last week. Thank god for osteopaths (since it's ok today). There was nommy smoked trout risotto and wine and conversation afterwards.

Today I just pootled around and hovered over some of the baby plants that are sprouting - there are broccoli, leeks, snow peas, onions and rhubarb just showing their new shoots.

And this evening was mainly occupied with an oldie-but-a-goodie Flash game, Zoo Keeper Quest. It's like Bejeweled, but with cute animals and a grumpy boss. JayIsGames also explains how to play the Quest mode, as opposed to the regular game.

And now I should really go to sleep. The osteopath was giving me 20 questions about my "depleted adrenals" (as they all do, for some reason) and asking me if my life is majorly stressful. Actually, it's not. I'm acquiring a bunch of new responsibilities at work, and it's a bit stressful working out how exactly we're going to deal with some inadequately-documented systems, but we'll figure it out one way or another. I've been avoiding writing a report for the last two weeks - I've done 4 pages, whoopee - but that's my usual level of procrastination. Home is ok, but there will be some changes coming up, and all my other personal matters and finances are chugging along fine. I go to work, come home at a decent hour and dink around, go to bed, see the CDL at intervals. The osteo also asked me if I feel tired all the time - I do, because I'm not very good at making myself go to bed by 11:30 (see!), especially when I know I need 8 1/2 hours' sleep - or if I'd ever had ME or something like. No, I haven't. Maybe I just have a low disruption threshold, or I get subliminally stressed by feeling ignorant about stuff I have to do (like write a business analysis for the first time without a specific model or maintain systems I know f-a about)... but I don't feel that consciously concerned. Or maybe I really am a delicate little flower. Feh.

I also had a gastroscopy a few weeks back due to the problem I've been having with gastric reflux, which manifests itself as violent nausea when I try to go to sleep (nothing so obvious as heartburn), and the procedure found nothing wrong with me. The specialist asked me how much I drank alcohol (lightly), smoked (not at all), drank coffee (one or two a week) and ate red meat (not at all). I do eat large portions. He mentioned three times that I should consider losing weight because it can "put pressure" on the gastric region. Since I consider myself to be mildly overweight at best (although I have stacked on a bit this winter), and my stomach is not actually fat, I was fairly peeved by this advice. I should be going back to the GP for a follow-up, and I should ask him if that was serious specific advice rather than pulling-it-out-of-his-arse default advice - but I've been too annoyed to do so, frankly. I hate not finding specific things wrong with me when something is wrong.

I have worked out that I should start eating smaller portions - I'm not a snacker, but maybe I'll have to learn, especially in the evening - and there's no way I can eat anything after about 8:30pm if I want to sleep at a decent hour. The proton-pump inhibitor the doc has prescribed certainly relieves the symptoms, but I hate taking medications continually. I think I'll revisit going to a homeopath, since it's evidently not a mechanical problem (ie. an ulcer), but I won't go to the one I last saw in Mittagong, since she reminds me too much of my last g/f (not to mention the fact that she insisted on asking me about three times in each session if I consider myself to be an "angry person". FWIW, I don't - I'm easily irritated, but when I actually get angry, it's fairly rare and extremely not nice. Evidently she didn't understand the distinction - or, even if she thought I was delusional and that I am "angry" all the time, as a homeopath you're supposed to treat the cognitive dissonance, not keep prodding at it verbally).

Bah, I'm not as grumpy as all this sounds. I don't like feeling that my body is less than 100%, but things are chugging along ok in general, and life is generally positive.


Sep. 19th, 2007 10:24 pm
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I've being trying not to grizzle, but fuckit. I put my neck out Tuesday evening, and while I went to the osteopath yesterday and had it put back in so I can actually turn my head, my entire back and shoulders still feel like someone's been beating me with baseball bats, and not in a fun way.

It's amazing how something so trivial can erode one's physical and mental reserves - the last couple of days workwise have been a complete write-off. Also, note for the interested: don't post to a Postfix list with several thousand users when you've gotten your wires somewhat crossed due to the aforementioned mental drainage, and ask something that is completely self-evident to anyone with the brain of a six-year-old. Especially when you realise the answer after you hit "Send". Ah well.

The poor CDL has also got a (worse) stuffed back too, so I'm hoping it's not becoming catching. It'd be nice if osteopaths had those little bonus cards like coffee shops do. Have 9 treatments, get one free. :-)

ETA: I forgot! [ profile] saluqi brings us the good news that RATM will be touring Oz. Eeeee!
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Jesus, it all happens at once, doesn't it? I had that lurgie last weekend, my period this week, and I've spent the last 36 hours contending with a fairly vile gastrointestinal something. I may have to thank homeopathy for the fact I didn't throw up or have unfortunate episodes in the loo, but the fever and chills, stinking headache, painful shoulders, back and hips, constant nausea, painful stomach (with xtra bonus cramps last night), and inability to eat anything other than 3 mouthfuls of porridge and 12 Japanese-style rice crackers since yesterday morning have been sufficiently bothersome all on their own. In fact, I have never felt so ill in my life as I did last night, except perhaps when I had hepatitis as a kidlet (I had the horrible thought that somehow I was having another dose, but I'm not jaundiced, or, indeed, vomiting, thank god).

Also - and this is a symptom of how my energy's been worn down - while I'm fine with living by myself almost all the time, things like that make realise how difficult it could be if I were ever seriously ill. I felt rotten enough last night that I was laying plans for how to get to the A&E clinic if I felt I was getting severely dehydrated or more feverish. Sure, I have a couple of people to call on if it gets that bad, but it's awkward. And embarrassing actually. I suppose I just need to suck up the fact I can't be capable all the time. Hah.

Come to think of it, though, if it was a norovirus-type something, it's better to not have anyone else around. I haven't done anything projectile-ish with my body fluids, but reducing the amount of potential exposure to the greeblies is a good thing. At least I'm clean in my personal habits.

Must get myself a thermometer, though. I didn't have a clue what my temperature was at its worst, and it might have helped some of my more paranoid thoughts if I knew it wasn't high enough to be something like meningitis.

You know, I had much more fun plans for my weekend. It sucks.
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Our BlackBerry implementation is going to be taking place on Friday afternoon/evening (and of course it'd be the first Friday evening in months I had something previously planned - a nice dinner with the CDL and her Bear), so this week has been a fairly hectic swirl of meetings and preparation.

Since this whole thing is connected into the email infrastructure, I have to do most of the prep (and I'll be managing the service anyway). One of the preparation steps is ensuring that the BlackBerry service account has the appropriate rights to all the user accounts that will be using the service. While it's very easy to give a bunch of users access to a mailbox (you put them in a group, and then give the group rights to the mailbox), giving one service account access to a bunch of user accounts is a bit more complicated.

The most convenient method is to put the accounts into their own "Organisational Unit" (the diagram shows how a Windows domain looks like a tree - all the objects in the left pane are OUs), and then you give the service account the correct access to all the user objects inside that OU. Unfortunately, in our Windows domain, we don't use many OUs for this kind of purpose. All the domain users are in a single OU, called, OMG, "Domain Users". All the users in this container get a bunch of policies associated with their accounts, so that they get the correct settings when they log on to their workstations. My suggestion to get around our problem was to create another OU inside the Domain Users OU, so that we can put our BlackBerry users in it - they will inherit the policies from the level above, while granting the service account access to their mailboxes. Easy.

But apparently not. I went to one of the Windows admins today to see if we could implement something like that. According to him, "If we do this, then we'll have to create separate little OUs for every application with this kind of issue." So? Since this is the first one in four years, I don't see us suddenly getting hundreds of little OUs proliferating. And, "I don't know if this will work anyway. I'll have to talk to $OTHER_ADMIN, who knows about this stuff." Um, I'm sorry, you're a Windows domain admin, and you don't know how OUs work? Jesus christ. Ok, in a team, you usually have your little areas of interest and speciality - that's how I've ended up as an email admin in this job - but just because you're the "server hardware" guy, you should still know the basics. Not to mention the fact that I  know what I'm talking about there. And not to mention the fact that $OTHER_ADMIN is semi-retired, and only works two days a week. Also, getting him to do anything even slightly different is almost impossible, no matter the logic - if it needed to be done, surely it would have been done before (so what if you haven't experienced that situation previously). [This is the guy who is still using robocopy and a manually-edited script to push out server updates - totally ignoring any of the MS and third-party tools that work well and more efficiently to do the same job in an automated fashion. No wonder my servers are missing about 15 patches at present.]

You know, one of the aims of our divisional restructuring exercise at present is to break down the "siloing" mentality in the organisation. I think it's bad enough that there's a split between the mail and systems/domain admin teams. I'm just fairly flabbergasted at the fact that there is such a division within that team. That's not to say that I don't think that the admin I was chatting to shouldn't consult with $OTHER_ADMIN when making a change to an established structure, but he should at least know it's feasible, and, if not, be able to give me some reasoning as to why not.

Thank you for ventage. I'm tired, and it makes me grizzly. Everything is going along fine, and this hiccup is not going to stop the pilot going ahead - I'll just add the service account to each user manually for our trial period, at least until the Windows admins make up their bloody minds.


Mar. 8th, 2007 09:22 pm
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Both me and my afternoon, that is.

We have an antispam service running on our mail servers. It has been giving me gyp, one way or another for weeks, and it delayed certain components of our email migration. What was left were a few niggly problems with updating the virus/spam patterns automatically, and a reporting module. I finally got the vendor to do a remote session with me, which was worse than useless. After a couple of hours, he was ready to gather some system information and logs to forward to the US for developer assistance. The first thing he did was see that it was RedHat Linux, all well and good. However, it's a 64-bit version of RHEL. This, apparently, is not supported. End of support session, and the only suggestion was that we reinstall the antispam software from scratch (since it was working at an earlier point). That's it.

The reinstall was nightmarish, but I eventually got it working and processing spam. However, the web front-end isn't working, which means that if some messages are quarantined, I wouldn't have the faintest fucking idea how to get them out again. I hope there is a command-line utility that will release the messages. I emailed Mr Helpful Support Guy the fond news of the botched uninstall (since it thinks that the old web front-end is still there... despite numerous reinstalls, the deletion of the program directory AND a server reboot). We'll see what happens tomorrow.

This is one of the top-four antivirus vendors, and their product fucking sucks vacuum as it is (although it does the basic work of scanning messages ok). Not supporting 64-bit in this day and age? Give me a fucking break.

I was this close to not going to tai chi this evening, although I'm glad I did. Not that I absorbed much. I'm now just flattened and exhausted rather than majorly fucked off.

If our so-helpful support can't resolve the web front-end tomorrow, we might have to go back to the old way of forwarding all the messages to another (Windows) server to have them scanned (which would then forward them back for delivery). One of the attractions of doing it the way we were was that it would all be handled on the server itself, thus reducing network traffic and message delays. Bah, I think I'll just have a few whiskies. There certainly isn't anything else constructive I can do with this pile of poo.
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I always feel like something from Return of the Living Dead for the first week of daylight saving. It's even worse when you're PMTish, and you had even less sleep than you might have gotten last night, due the fact that everytime you rolled on your front (where you normally sleep), the intense pain in your footballsbreasts woke you up.

Also, I hate (the) men (I have to work with) and my skin.

Just sayin'.
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or are all the posts on [ profile] metaquotes disgustingly lame at the moment?

Stupid in-jokes and quotes of juvenile supposedly-pithy statements really aren't doing it for me at all. I'll give it another week, and then I'll consider ditching it.
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Well, I was hoping to have a nice cheerful post for you all by today. I went home - to Auckland - for a few days, and it was fab. The sun shone, I got to see a ton of my friends and have excellent quality time with them all. I squoze three babies, who are just all cute. I had nice meals and great coffee. I attended the con for people who subscribe to the alt.polyamory newsgroup with the CDL and that was wonderfully unstressful and fun. I had some excellent quality time with the CDL as well, which was wonderful after a fairly otherwise-occupied few weeks, and which featured one of the best dinners I've ever had. She's a fantastic person to be around on so many levels, and was a great travelling companion on the way back. Getting home was no stress given the fact her Bear came and picked us both up from the airport, thus removing the need for stupid taxis.

But instead of feeling the usual degree of recharged and happy and loved-by-my-loved-ones and less homesick and all that after being in NZ, I have another cold. I had yesterday off work, and spent most of today in the office feeling like The Return of the Living Dead. Everything has been difficult, and while I think I'd be coping better if it were just normal being sick, coming after a big emotional high, my energy isn't where it should be. And that just feels wrong. I should be bouncing around the place going "Yippee!", or, as would be normal in these circs, "I'm toooodally mellow, man", and for that not to be the case is disappointing.

Instead, stupidity like a senior manager telling us to remove Firefox from our PCs at work because of "security reasons" (hang on while I spit) is just typical of some of the things that were pinging me today on just the trivial work level. I don't even feel irritated by it, just flattened. Not good.

Actually, disappointment and feeling snuffly and tired just isn't the best combination all round, so I think I should stop thinking about it and make some miso soup. At least I was able to find some kombu in the Asian shop on the way home from work, so I can make some proper dashi from scratch rather than use the instant stuff that has MSG as its second ingredient.

I promise a more positive post once I've got my emotional equilibrium back in its usual place. There're a lot of nice things to talk about.
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Guess what the arsehole downstairs has just started playing???!!1!11!!!!


Oh. God.

Oct. 25th, 2005 10:59 pm
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I have a couple of new downstairs neighbours. One of them is evidently learning the guitar. His guitar playing is average. His singing is abominable. He hasn't yet attempted anything from within the last twenty years (what IS it about Canberrans? Did their music selection just run out with George Thorogood/handbag house? Even the bloody teenagers don't seem to listen to anything else). He plays with his windows open. Mine are shut, but I can hear every word (I used to like Proud Mary - at least, I did about an hour ago). I'm so much looking forward to summer, when I'll have my windows open as well.

This guy is giving Mr Hoick-Spit-Every-Thirty-Minutes upstairs a good run for his money. Looks like earplugs are on the shopping list.
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My stars this week:

Home sweet home is where there could be both an ending and a new beginning this week, TRIX. On Monday there is a Solar Eclipse in Libra, which is going to bring about changes. If you have been aware of a certain situation building up, it is going to reach a climax around this time. But it is also a chance to start fresh on some level. Perhaps you have been wondering whether to move or buy or sell a property - and if so, the events of the coming days should give you your answer. There may be some chaos before you discover the right course of action, but only do what you have to do and don't try to force the pace. You will have a better understanding of what you need to do once the dust has settled.


(can I say now that I've had enough of myself, being sick, missing home, missing my g/f (who I saw today, but I miss her), this weekend, fucking stress and bloody miscommunications in general. Mine, that is.)

May I?

Aug. 2nd, 2005 09:58 pm
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Grizzle some more?

Day from hell. 300-400-odd users without email for 9 hours. Wah! And since I'm responsible for the email AND the restore from backup, no fobbings-off-onto-someone-else, nuh uh. If our restores had been working, it would have taken 1/2 an hour to get everyone's email back. But no, there was a bug in our backup software, which required several hours of phone with the support guys here, and a fairly frustrating hour or so conferencing with the US support guy. And it turns out it was a "known issue" and they are in the process of making a patch. In the meantime, "apply this patch - though it's not really a patch - and do your restore. Make sure you uninstall it afterwards." Wow, words to instil a ton of confidence.

Still, it worked. In the aforementioned 1/2 hour. So I actually ended up going home at 5:30, my normal knock-off time. Heh. And thank god our backup data was good. Despite the problems getting it back in the right place, I can't imagine the fallout if the data we were trying to bring back was screwed. Actually, I can imagine, and it's not a pretty sight. Most of that nine hours - other than actually trying to do my job - was spent worrying about that particular scenario.

But all's well that ends well. Especially since I scoffed some disgusting food and swilled a couple of glasses of wine. (You know, that's how I know I really am middle-class now - I keep a decent bottle of wine around most times).

Biggest bummer about today, once the stress was over, is the fact that I had to cancel a haircut. Now I have to go to Hawaii woolly. Oh well, my partner-in-crime has seen my abysmal bedhair before - I'm sure she won't run away screaming. I hope. :-)
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 16     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 17   178 ms   178 ms   178 ms
 18   198 ms   197 ms   187 ms
 19   209 ms   200 ms   209 ms
 20   199 ms   198 ms   198 ms

And the timeout and the latency over the other side of the Pacific has been entirely consistent all evening. Wankers.


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