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For those who haven't come across it yet:

Old Spice Man, Feminist Hulk AND Judith Butler ... discourse, SMASH epistemological frameworks, and bake cake, in the bathroom.
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And, yes, that way too. :-)


Mar. 20th, 2010 11:12 pm
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This cracked my shit up on the weekend; it's on the wall of the Lyneham post office-cum-laundrette. It was particularly apposite given the fact I'd seen it (the uncommented emblem only) tattoo'd on the back of a young woman's neck, in size LARGE, the day before.

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Is it only me who finds that "epic" should always be suffixed with FAIL? I heard some young'uns today talking about how something was epic.... I kept waiting in vain for the other shoe to drop.

Oh, and while it's not exactly language-related, I am so sick of people going on about Freakonomics. It's well-and-truly jumped the shark (and did about 5 minutes after being published). Here's a precis for you:

Dubner: Oh HAI. I'm a journalist and I was desperate to get something more than 800 words published, so I tracked down this pointy headed intellekshul and basically wrote this book for him. But he's really really cool. Really. And comes up with cool provocative things that I will dumb down for the masses in a "folksy" kind of way.
Levitt: Yes, I am a pointy-headed intellekshul - actually, I am an economist. And also, I actually admit that economics is a social science, which is amazing because most economists try to pass it off as science-science. But anyway, enough about me, here's a provocative essay on abortion and how since we're killing off all the potential crims at birth, we have less crime! Yay abortion! Although boo, because, you know, those moral things that people keep talking about. And really, it's not about abortion, it's about crime. And those millions of poor aborted babies don't balance out the thousands of nasty crims we execute once they're grown up.
DubnerWasn't that cool? And provocative? Isn't Levitt so intellekshul? And provocative? And look at that insight.
LevittSo now I'll state the frigging obvious about how real estate agents can do dodgy deals on their own behalf, and how lower-echelon drug dealers are poor. And that some teachers cheat with their students' exams. And see, look, I'm so radical because I'll borrow some research that shows that some student - not me, I don't know this kind of person - actually talked to drug dealers. See, they can talk!
Dubner: Wow. Isn't it amazing how he can explain these radical concepts to idiots like the general public and journalists. He really is cool.
Levitt: And here's some more stuff that sounds impressive, but is really a lot about demonstrating "correlation does not equal causation". Did you say the word abortion again? No? Oh well, but this stuff is just as valid, honest. Especially the part where I explain that employers are racist when they perceive someone's name is "black". Oh, right, perhaps that comes under stating the obvious again.
Dubner: Dude, did you know I love you? I really really love you. I just go the glasses and the cute side-parting.
Levitt: Um, yeah. Moving right along to the blog. I'm up with the modern technologies! Although I really only post when it's time to sell more books. That's what I have my blog-peons, sorry, co-contributors for, to keep up the content.

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One of the blog maintainers at Shapely Prose has started up another blog of the stupid comments that trolls tried - or were able to - to leave, over at Helpful Comments. Other than the stunning intellect on display, the headings and tags are LULZworthy. Here's one in its entirety:

They call me MR. Creepface

“Good luck never finding a boyfriend. If anyone asked me for my full name and contact info before a first date, I wouldn’t show up. I am quite sure most guys would do the same. Crazy bitch.”
Tagged: ladies are crazy

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I use predictive text when composing messages on my phone, and here are the contents of my "custom words" (i.e. what wasn't included in my phone's dictionary):


There you go, important words we should all have in our phone dictionaries (for the life of me, I don't know why I have "wallaby" in there. Nor "deodorant", for that matter.)

And extra bonus PunditKitchen LOL:

pope benedict xvi


Oct. 6th, 2009 07:48 pm
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Poll #1422 Bored
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2 (28.6%)

5 (71.4%)

FWIW, I'm a "with" person. But it's not actually a phrase I use much, not being the easily-bored type.

(Note: I do know there's "by" as well, but that's a more active type of phrase - I'm sure there's a grammatical term for it)

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I'm not going to link to it, but here it is:
I would do favors ... for him while he was out, like letting his dogs out to use the bathroom...

Letting the dogs out to use the bathroom? I know we've talked about Americans' aversion to certain words before, but really.

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The second clip on this page tells you all about it. Yes, LEZilla goes to Victoria's Secret (from 7 minutes in). Thank you, Julie Goldman.

And while we're on the sustainability theme (not so much this post, but in general), [ profile] goatsfoot has a great post on the grants and schemes Australian homeowners have access to for reducing their energy consumption. I do find it slightly strange that you can get quite a heavy grant for solar generation that feeds back into the grid, but not for wind power. C'est la vie. Cheaper insulation, rainwater tanks, solar hot water, etc etc.
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Fart In The Duck. Yes, ok, I find "buffalaxed" non-English music videos hilarious (depending on how well it's done).

Apparently the chorus of this one actually is "There's a hole in the roof". But "fart in the duck" has its own particular charm.

ETA: In other news, the downstairs neighbours are having another partay. At least the music isn't too bad.

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...because I seriously don't know if I'd be able to resist.

Botticelli's Venus in the entryway! Dead animals galore (although I would say the leopard-print couch clashes just a tad with the apparently-genuine - ulp - zebra rug). Gold gold gold gold gold (well, it's the Gold Coast). A so-creatively distressed paint effect for the kitchen woodwork (kind of missing the gold there, guys). The bar. And statues! Indoors! And murals. A blank spot? No problem, just bang in another mural. A bathroom so wittily co-ordinated with one of the primary functions you'll perform in there (ie. not bathing). And marble marble everywhere - walls, floors, ceilings, outdoors, indoors, indoor/outdoor. Italian renaissance meets big game hunter and country kitchen tradition! Add a wonderful pool, a beautiful property name - "Madison", just like every other aspirational 5-12 year old out there - and it's a bargain at only 14 mil. Must be seen to be believed!

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MuppetsWA - Fuck tha Police

Little-known part of their oeuvre, but definitely worthwhile

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There's been an amusing discussion in the Sydney Morning Herald about the horrors of Pachelbel's Canon in D... from the perspective of the cellists. It is apparently the most boring piece in the world for them to play, and for good reason, according to this hilarious rant on YouTube.

But I do think the violists have it worse (as usual), especially given this perspective from one poor suffering soul: "We pluck, yes, pluck the same two bars 28 times. I am at serious risk of RSI from that infernal Canon. Moreover, we are expected to bow the last note! Yes, we either have to play the entire Canon with bow in hand all for one note, or we must leave a sizeable gap before said note in order to retrieve our bow. I don't think Pachelbel knew that violists are people too. Then again not many people seem to know that these days."

Now, I learned to play (to a middling standard, for a teenager) a few wind instruments when I was at school, and while I really love the Greensleeves melody, dear god, is there anything that has been more thrashed to death on a flute? And don't talk to me about saxophone music - there doesn't actually appear to be any. It's all horrible arrangements of pop songs (and pop songs are boring to play on an instrument that can't do chords), or the fucking Darth Vader theme. (Henry Mancini and Stevie Wonder were the only decent bits, at least until I got good enough to learn some jazz pieces)

I have an ex-girlfriend whose siblings all did piano lessons, being nice middle-class minister's daughters. They all got so sick of Für Elise that they had races to see who could play it the fastest. Not the best way to learn phrasing and dynamics, one feels. Then there was Smoke on the Water, which was ruined for me when I had to listen to literally dozens of kids at school pluck it out on their crappy guitars using the two-fingered chords.

Anyone else have horror stories of musical clichés you dread ever hearing, much less playing, again?
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Traditional Japanese hard rock?

It's just a shame they couldn't work in the taiko drum (and I'm sure Deep Purple probably also feel that omission in their performances), but one of the vocalists during the chorus, um, rocks.

ETA: Some gnarly taiko action, so we can all see what kind of opportunity has been missed. :-)

Also, Pacific peoples and their drums, eh? Wonderful stuff.

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This Graphjam demonstrates perfectly the relative advantages and disadvantages of the main operating system types.

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...but I maded this icon instead.

(Ok, it was a stupid programme, but I thought Herr Flick and Helga made a lovely couple.)
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Got home a wee while ago after a looong day (I had dinner before jumping on the buses to get home - at least I only had a 10 minute wait at the interchange this time).

Today was full of much frustration with people having problems with user accounts (for managing applications) and instead of telling me what the actual problem was, I spent two hours trying to solve an "issue" (which wasn't actually an issue) that was totally irrelevant. I will now not assume that because people are techies, they can actually explain what the actual problem is they are trying to solve - coming in on something after they've been on the wrong tangent for hours is an exercise in futility.

Add to that the fact that the procedure that MS recommends to fix daylight saving on Sharepoint for Australian timezones this year doesn't work at all, and really, I didn't achieve much. Except have my wonderful womanly blessing from the Goddess™ two days early, and make this FAIL LOL to feel somewhat constructive:

stockmarket woes! )
I've submitted it to FailBlog, but we'll see what happens.


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