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...because I seriously don't know if I'd be able to resist.

Botticelli's Venus in the entryway! Dead animals galore (although I would say the leopard-print couch clashes just a tad with the apparently-genuine - ulp - zebra rug). Gold gold gold gold gold (well, it's the Gold Coast). A so-creatively distressed paint effect for the kitchen woodwork (kind of missing the gold there, guys). The bar. And statues! Indoors! And murals. A blank spot? No problem, just bang in another mural. A bathroom so wittily co-ordinated with one of the primary functions you'll perform in there (ie. not bathing). And marble marble everywhere - walls, floors, ceilings, outdoors, indoors, indoor/outdoor. Italian renaissance meets big game hunter and country kitchen tradition! Add a wonderful pool, a beautiful property name - "Madison", just like every other aspirational 5-12 year old out there - and it's a bargain at only 14 mil. Must be seen to be believed!


Sep. 1st, 2007 12:11 am
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I wasn't sure whether to put this on [ profile] dot_poly_snark, but it's not that unusual a situation, I suppose. I have a profile on, which I've logged onto for the first time in several months (more to stop it expiring, than anything). Anyways, I had mail, which was interesting since I haven't posted on the forums for even more months. A couple of guys wrote. The first one sounded sane, but the second... oy.

Excerpts from my profile:
Seeking: A Female , FF Couple , Group , Friends , Not Looking

... I'm pretty left-wing in my political beliefs, so if you have a problem with that, don't bother. I'm not a Hot Bi Babe, alas - I'm not particularly girlie, but I'm quite happy if you are!

I initially had M/F couple ticked in the "seeking" box above, but I'm getting fairly clueless messages from people asking me to go off and be a "wife" to a man and a woman, and that concept frankly makes my hair curl. As does being a "wife" to anyone. If you're a woman and you're with a man, I don't care. If you want me to be with you, I expect one-on-one time, with you, the woman. Since I tend to prefer more feminine women, I don't usually have the same tastes in general as my lovers (since to fancy me, you need to fancy butchish women). This means the possibility of my participating in a tightly-interlinked triad/quad/whatever is pretty slim.

(Later on I explicitly say I'm a DYKE, with DYKE on top)

And here's one of the messages I got:
reproduced in its entirety because it can't be beaten )

Methinks someone has been reading too much Heinlein. And I do confess that I actually didn't mention the fact that I have never ever had any desire, ever, to have babies. So maybe I should tell this man, honestly, that unfortunately gumption isn't quite enough, nor the fact that I might have the fabulous opportunity to correspond with a polygamist from Florida, goddammit. Alas, this probably means I won't be having his babies either, but at least he won't have to shell out for a third wife.

I'm still trying to figure out his first para, though. Is he actually saying that being a dyke doesn't matter if I'm willing to breed? How nice of him!

ETA: My reply featured terms like "breeder", "baby factory", "harem" and "underwhelmed" - well, he's a man who appreciates honesty, after all.

I got a reply! )
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So, there have been a run of horribly saccharine posts in [ profile] polyamory lately (ok, one or two were sweet, but these ones took the cake. And this one sporked them really nicely. Heh.), but after the 1000th "we're so speshul" post, the sheen wears off a bit.

One person asked nicely if they could be posted in some of the other poly communities (like [ profile] compersion), or *gasp* even in one thread, because, you know, that's what those quaint things like threads are for... but the admin just dealt the smackdown saying "I like them, so there". Fair enough, it's her comm, but *eyeroll*.

I'll be back in my curmudgeonly corner, with my vom-bucket at the ready.
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It appears my capacity for snark is intact no matter what the state of my mood. I stuck another good'un up on [ profile] dot_queer_snark - honestly, I hope the OP is under 16, because otherwise there is No Excuse.
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Well, often I am nice, but often not. I made a new comm called [ profile] dot_queer_snark, which I'm sure you can all tell what the aim is.

Anyways, I've made the first post... and I'd love more contributions. Because, frankly, I can't believe we didn't have a snark community for us queers before. Suggestions welcome, and bitchslappitude if I do bad moddage is well in order if needed. :-)
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Cut for eyerolling and unattributed snippage from a public comm post )

I wish I could enumerate the many many ways in which that statement irked me, but for the life of me, I can't. I want to deconstruct it with heated razor-sharp skewers, over and over, protractedly painfully, but my imagination fails me. Oh well.

(And yes, I know this kind of thing abounds on teh intarwebs, and is really a mild example - I think it was the juxtaposition with a post on another comm asking how to chat up lesbian chix, because, dayum, she looks like a total redneck and thinks being "politically active is a waste of time" and us'n are all out and out liberals (paraphrased). It makes me feel nostalgic for "the personal is political, beeyotch!" (paraphrased) and all those lovely cultural feminists... Well, not so much the latter.)

Unix nerds

Feb. 24th, 2006 02:31 pm
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Just to completely change the topic. Unix admins should all be Baptists. Talk about sanctimonious. The latest utterance on why Unix is so much better than Windows:

N(erd): Unix is better because you can output a directory listing from wherever you are.

Me: Oh, you mean ls -l?

N: Yes.

Me: Um, you can just run up a command prompt in Windows and do dir /s.

N: Yes, but that's different.

Me: Oh, how?

N: Because in Unix, you're normally working in console mode.

Me: But if you're working in X-Windows, you'd need to bring up a console anyway.

N: But normally you don't work in X-Windows in Unix.

Me: Uh, quite often not. But Windows (duh!) is a GUI-based OS.

N: Exactly!

Me: O_o

ETA: [ profile] damned_colonial thought that I might be implying that I was defending Windows as an OS against all comers, or something along those lines. In fact, no. What I was objecting to was the bad logic that N was employing to defend his argument.

He and I initally had the classic argument form of "If you can output a directory listing from the console, then it is a better OS." Or, to put it propositional logic-wise, if p, then q, which is known as the indicative conditional. Following on from what I said, then: in Windows, we can output a directory listing from the console. So, Windows has p. Given the proposition we started with, we then MUST have q - or, "Windows is a better OS" too.

However, what N did was change the antecedent (p, in our argument) to a different value - so, it was no longer "if you can output a directory listing..." but "if you do not have to work in a GUI, then it's a better OS".

p -> q   but a -> q
p            p
∴ q          ∴ !q
(actually, it's not really !q, because the equation is malformed)

So, that's a "false conversion of the antecedent" - or really, plain old "moving the goalposts". QED.

I've probably got my terms horribly mixed up, since my logic is very rusty. But the basic argument remains.

There are plenty of ways to get around that logical form, but he did it wrongly. Boo sux!
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You are entirely within your rights to say "All politics are fucks". But when someone points out that politics affect your life every minute of the day, and that it might be worth voting for people who aren't "fucks", your saying:
Well, I'm only really 17 so, that doesn't apply to me until... Well, never... coz aslong as I'm alive, I'll never vote.
makes you look like a complete twat.

Mind you, I was a complete twat too at 17, but your age is no excuse. Most of my friends at that age were quite sane, and very politically cluey. And your being of a non-standard sexuality makes it much worse.

Still, at least you're not 37 like one of the idiots who was going "Hear, hear" to your original remark. Her, I have no hope for.

I would post this up in the original forum (somewhat more politely), but my g/f will kill me if I scare people off. *sigh*


Feb. 3rd, 2006 11:59 pm
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I was downloading a Firefly vid from Megaupload, and they have lots of lovely advertising for adult dating sites and the like. There's a pop-up for which circumvents the Fx pop-up blocker, meh.

Why is it that (nearly) every profile pic on these sites is just vile? Bad underwear, bad lighting, wierd desperate cultish expressions, incredibly unflattering body postures/positions etc, flesh bared in odd ways. And we won't talk about Obviously I'm getting old: I don't ever like looking at close-up pics of genitalia. And if you're looking for another woman, surely a pic of you screwing your hubby is not really going to do the thing? (especially when you say you're NOT after MFF threesomes!)

And, for those people I might chat to online, if I say (after a while, like several sessions, in a non-sexual context) "do you have a pic?", please do NOT send a pic of your tits. Call me old-fashioned, but I'd rather see your face before getting up close and personal with other parts of your anatomy. And really, I can wait to see those parts in the flesh. If ever. Honestly. I don't need pictures of boobies, I have my own to look at, ok? Thanks.

Does anyone wonder why I prefer bi women (and lesbos, actually) who have had some experience with women before they try to get in my pants?
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Actually, despite the complete fruitcakes that abound on PMM, there are some interesting people I have chats with, although more and more of them appear to be gravitating here to L/J. But I once again got a proposal from some IDIOT who obviously missed the queer, urban, IT-employed chick thing to invite me to live on their farm in the outback AGAIN. He must be doing the rounds again, since he's bothered me and I think every other female in Australia previously.

However, I was inspired, and sent the following missive to my g/f )

I just realised I didn't do any illiterate spelling though. Bugger.
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This from the Fireflyfans community . So much for that boycott.
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I can't say that my English is perfect, by a long shot, but being in my line of work, I am convinced that most techies are functionally illiterate. But it's really bad when you get the synergy of technology and marketing departments.

I was just reading some of the specs for the Compaq DL380s which we're just getting in:

Q37. Why is Compaq changing the colors of its ProLiant servers and racks?
A37. Rather than changing colors, we are leveraging a portion of our color palette – which includes Graphite, Carbon and Silver¹ – across our Compaq ProLiant, AlphaServer, Himalaya and StorageWorks product lines. This new consistency is the culmination of our strategy to integrate the three heritage businesses of Compaq, Tandem and Digital Equipment Corporation in the enterprise customer space.

And the trouble is, it took a couple of reads before I registered what dribble it really is. What does leveraging a portion of our color palette ... across our ... product lines actually mean? "Leveraging" is generally a [very bad] synonym of "making use of". "Making use of" some of a colour palette across a range of products appears to be a tautology, at the very least. And if they are making use of some different colours, are they not in fact "changing" them?

If they want to say "we've decided to introduce a range of co-ordinated colours for our servers", fine. Is that what they're trying to say? Why the hell bother with all the other extremely bad words? Why not save a few trees (and some bytes of downloads)? I'm not even going to venture near the "heritage business" thing. Um, whatever.

This must have been issued pre-Carly-sacking. I wonder if this is the nadir of communications from Compaq, or if further decline is inevitable.

¹ Aren't they all just grey? Well, ok, "carbon" is probably black.

[yes, I know this is stupid to comment on -- 'tis just my rant of the day, sparked by my incredulousness at the particular direness of this particular... utterance, for want of a better word.]


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