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Apparently - for "Butch Appreciation Day" - we only define ourselves by femmes. Because we're butch so we can run around protecting those delicate little ladies and wear big stompy boots that make our feet hurt.

Too bad if you're into butch-on-butch, eh? Or somehow manage to retain your butch identity without a femme hanging off your arm?

Note: SURE I get dressed up in spiffy outfits if there is someone I want to impress. Even with stompy COMFY boots. But, FFS, my entire life and style is not a performance on the off-chance I'll catch the eye of some random femme.

Seriously, what the fuck is all this about? It's not 1955, where if you didn't conform madly to gender- or role-identity, you'd never get laid. I think we're a little beyond rigid notions of what butch-femme is about. I was glad when feminism relaxed enough that b/f wasn't instantly problematic; I don't want things swinging back into stupid sexist territory.

I'm butch because I'm gender nonconformist, and there are some aspects of the standard butch definition I relate to a lot. But I'm uncomfortable with such labelling as "female masculinity" - for reasons I can't quite enunciate. While it's cool to ID with a label, it doesn't mean have to buy into a whole lot of baggage that may or may not be relevant. Same applies to gender stereotyping (not all men like sport, of any description).


Jun. 19th, 2011 10:27 pm
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I have been "invited" by no less than three people to the "Femme Appreciation Day" event on Facebook. While I think the femmes in one's life should be appreciated for their awesome selves - and their lovely presentation is definitely a part of that - I really can't get behind something that promotes itself with this horribly saccharine glurge:

"…Vying for her princess kerchief
"May I ride for you, m'Lady? May I ride for You, today?" [Many femmes would laugh in your face if you called her "princess". And sure, I'm totally on my white horse at all times.]

To impress her, even if it's only in our heads... 'cause we're wired that way and can't help ourselves; and we know it, can't admit it half the time, have conquered kingdoms, started wars [Yeah, that punch-up at the dyke bar was srs bsns], learned to cook (maybe not so well) [speak for yourself], given up all days off & driven miles and kilometers just to fall for moments near her eyes...

…Because femmes have this amazing power to inspire, to comfort, to tease, to hook, to care for; to freeze us in our tracks with a single smile or a fleeting sidelong glance.... We protect our own protectors when we defend our femmes. [Oh wait, it's the Western frontier?]

'Cause a femme can stop time with a tiny wave….all effortless yet all powerful[Totally, no matter what her life circumstances, and because being awesome requires no effort whatsoever, nuh uh]...

...The Fire in her soul, the hearth around which the universe turns"
[Great, we'll throw in some goddess-worship as well]

Yeah, I can't even get behind the actual sentiments no matter how much I think many femmes rock. I'm not anyone's knight in shining armour, I do not have submissive tendencies, and I'm not into goddess worship, unfortunately. What a waste.

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Utterly unbelievable, but bloody hilarious:

But at least I'm "smart" and "rich". Unlike certain support staff, evidently.

ETA: Appropriate lol WIN

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Mastercard just offered to bump my credit limit up by 10 grand. Which would bring my credit limit for that card to 24K.

Somehow I think they won't let you use Mastercard to put down a house deposit. I might get some use out of it that way...

Ok, I earn 6 figures, but only just. And I won't be once I stop doing on-call work in the next couple of months. Seriously, why do they want to give me so much credit? Especially since, ironically enough, they rang to bitch at me last month because I was late on a payment - first time ever. I'd simply left the previous month's statement in a stupid place and forgot about it. None of this, "Oh, look, you have a great payment record, perhaps you didn't receive your statement last month?" No, it was like, "PAY UP NOW OR THERE WILL BE NASTY DEBT COLLECTORS". Wankers.

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My debit card has been compromised, and some fuckers have attempted to siphon $2K out of my bank account. Thank god for the CPS bank, because after about $150 worth of transactions, they put a hold on the rest, cancelled my card and gave me a call. The transactions are still sitting there as "pending" (with the funds unavailable), and they still might get processed, but I can claim back later if that happens.

For the life of me, I can't think how it was compromised. I paid for my travel to NZ and some sundries on it. I use the PIN and the card does not leave my hands, so it is unlikely to have been skimmed. Also, it's VISA transactions that are the problem, not debits from my savings account (which my card is linked to). No viruses or malware on my machine - I've just scanned it using three different tools, to be sure. I haven't been signing up to dodgy porn sites or dodgy any other sites. I booked my travel to NZ using reputable sites like Wotif, Air NZ and Virgin. There are no transactions listed on Paypal. Amazon can't transfer funds elsewhere... The pending transactions were all to shitty "adult" sites.

The only thing I can think of was I ordered some gear from the US a couple of months ago, and because the merchant was not set up to accept CC payments online for non-US payers, I very reluctantly sent my CC details via poxy email. In 4 different messages over 2 days, but still. Perhaps their system has been compromised. Well, I'll be emailing them to see if they've had any issues - they were very professional in their dealings in general, other than the payment processing - I most CERTAINLY will follow best practice in future to not email stupid things again. And I'll continue racking my brains to see if there might have been some other place I've left CC details.

The ironic thing is that over the last couple of months, I've been trying to locate a disposable credit card supplier. The only one I've found in Australia only sells them in units of $50, and does not refund any leftover balances. Screw that for a joke. Time to get a regular CC with maybe a $300 limit and start using that, methinks.

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So, the evo psychs have done some research on why penises are shaped the way they are and why human penises are so comparatively large (compared to most other mammals, well, except elephants and pigs). Dandy.

Their conclusion?

[P]enises were sculpted in such a way that the organ would effectively displace the semen of competitors from their partner’s vagina, a well-synchronized effect facilitated by the “upsuck” of thrusting during intercourse. Specifically, the coronal ridge offers a special removal service by expunging foreign sperm. According to this analysis, the effect of thrusting would be to draw other men’s sperm away from the cervix and back around the glans, thus “scooping out” the semen deposited by a sexual rival. 
And how did they make this momentous discovery?

The researchers selected several sets of prosthetic genitals from erotic novelty stores, including a realistic latex vagina sold as a masturbation pal for lonely straight men... and three artificial phalluses. (Of various shapes) ... [They] borrowed a recipe for simulated semen from another evolutionary psychologist [what a surprise] ... and created several batches of [so-called] seminal fluid.[i.e. flour and water cooked up together]

Then they played with the toys manually with the flour sludge to try and see if their displacement theory was valid. Supposedly more of the liquid was displaced from the artificial vagina if the rubber penis had a larger coronal ridge. Oh, they did back it up with a survey with college-aged males (I wonder whose students they were?) who all asserted that if they broke up with their g/fs and then got back together with them, the resulting sex was much more vigorous. Yes, because I'm sure all those skanky h0rz still had litres of some other guy's spoodge up them that needed displacing with those mighty coronal ridges.

I can't believe these people actually take themselves seriously.
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So, any transpeople who still don't have accounts over here on DW, I have a metric butt-ton of invites, and I'm sure I can scrounge up more from other of my friends.

Because, seriously, why stay there?

ETA: Ok, it was a mistake during a beta code release, so it looks like compulsory m/f gender is not going to be rolled out after all. <omitting many other reasons to migrate here>
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But I really think he should stick to music, rather than "designing" ridiculously-priced, diamond-studded vibrators. I won't be hanging any such thing around my neck for a night "on the town" either - even if I happen to attend an orgy. As for the accompanying guitar pick, well, I might come up with a sexual use for that. I suppose it's important to some people to protect their fingernails. Or look like a pretentious wanker.

Steel vibes look great, but diamonds, graffiti, the stupid guitar pick and 2 grand? I suppose some Americans might be able to pay for them out of their "stimulus packages".

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Just because you're poly, it does not necessarily mean you are happy to see your partner engaging in sexual foreplay with someone else. Yes, for many poly people that's true, but "many loves" is actually not the same as "happy with group sex". I realise that might be surprising to some.

And to state that someone has "deeper issues" with the relationship when she is angry with her husband groping his g/f in front of her, when she has previously asked that he does not, is fucking rude, frankly.

Sure, it might mean that someone has issues with the poly thing or that particular person. So what? It doesn't actually matter, if they're willing to carry on the relationship on the agreed-to basis with no drama. But assuming, without knowing anyone involved, that "issues with the relationship" is the root cause of the dislike for PDAs, is just ridiculous.

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Owner of pit bull clones once manacled a Mormon for sex

It's about that stupid woman who cloned her dog and has 5 "identical" puppies (because a dog's personality is entirely made up of its genetics, of course). It turns out she has a past:

A Mormon missionary from Utah called Kirk Anderson, who was going door-to-door in Ewell, Surrey, was kidnapped at gunpoint by McKinney, a former cheerleader and beauty queen from North Carolina. With the help of a friend, Keith May, McKinney drugged Anderson with chloroform and drove him to a rented 17th century cottage near Okehampton, Devon. There the unfortunate young man was chained, spreadeagled, to a bed, with several pairs of mink-lined handcuffs, and over the next few days he was repeatedly required to have sex with McKinney, who later explained that she had been keen to bear his child.
(She knew him before, apparently. She didn't kidnap him from her doorstep!) I thought the mink-lined cuffs were a nice touch, but, hey, I've had sex with a Mormon without any need of manacling.

After their arrest, she and her compatriot were released on bail and "fled to Canada disguised as mime artists" (my emphasis).

In more recent years, she broke into a pound to rescue a pitbull that was going to be put down for mauling a couple of people. She explained:

"I love those pit bulls. They're such sympathetic animals - they're my kind of dog."
Here's hoping she was talking about pit bulls in general, not so much the mauly kind. Although it's kind of hard to tell.
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Yes, I can totally see how an article which talks about the yoof dropping use of condoms as a mark of a relationship commitment is totally relevant to polyamory, and soooo much more relevant than a discussion on marriage alternatives that was banhammered a few weeks back.
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A post I did on [ profile] techsupport about a particularly egregious example of moronity that has come to light at work today.

In other news, I picked up my Irish passport today! Phew! No stinky long immigration queue at Heathrow for me - just the somewhat-less stinky long immigration queue. The fun part of it all was that the passport was sent registered post to my old address (I had provided a SASL for the embassy), despite the fact I have a 6-month redirection in place for mail from my old place. I rang the embassy on the off-chance today due to the huge delay, and it had been returned to them as it was "undeliverable".

I went to the PO once I picked up the passport packet (the embassy offered to put it in the post again - no effing way!), and the guy there was unable to give me an explanation as to why it hadn't been redirected. I asked whether he could input the tracking number on the registered post envelope into some system for, er, tracking information - apparently not. He was able to ascertain that it had been lodged at the GPO (which was actually the nearest PO to where I used to live) for a while - I'll go there tomorrow to find out what went on. Leaving aside the fact that my passport was going hither and yon all over Canberra for no good reason, what else that should have been redirected has been slipping through the cracks?
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... I think.

Ok, I can be notoriously absent-minded. I once thought my car had been stolen for three weeks, only to accidentally find it two streets over from the place I thought I left it (not a part of town I usually frequented). So it's not outside the realms of possibility that I've done something with it I don't remember.

However. I lent it to the CDL for a wee while and got it back a couple of months back. I had it out a few weeks ago (yes, I know, slack - it's only just spring now) to go to the farmers' market. For the life of me, though, I don't remember coming back. I must have ridden back - it's about 7k and I would remember walking for an hour or so (in other words, I wouldn't walk it; it's not scenic enough). I don't remember parking my bike in its usual place, damnit. I think I would remember stopping off somewhere on the way back and chaining it up. Although it's possible I did, and if it's somewhere I normally walk to, it's entirely possible I walked straight past my bike when I left wherever-it-was.

Anyway, it normally lives in a locked storeroom in my block, which is accessible to all other tenants. Naturally, I keep it chained to the stand in there as well, with a combination lock, and 2cm coated cable. Maybe I didn't lock it up properly? Can't imagine that, it's ingrained habit. And I checked all the other storerooms, and the usual bikes that live there are still there. Although mine was actually the nicest (I think). Although, come to think of it, the rack it normally lived in is half-empty - this is unusual, to say the least.

Fuck it. The bike cost me over $800 a few years back, and I just had a couple of hundred dollars worth of work done to it - new kevlar-coated brake and derailleur cables, a fancy new chain, and lights and an odometer fitted.

Well, if any Canberreans see a silver-grey Specialized "Hard Rock" mountain bike (mine's an older model, but the frame geometry is similar) with front shocks (Rockshock Judy TTs), disk brakes, chunky tyres, black plastic mudguards, trigger gear shifters (21 or 24 speeds, can't remember) and "On Yer Bike" shop stickers (Wellington firm, so I doubt there are many here) on it, please do let me know. And if you know that I've done something with it, and it's there, you muppet, please give me a smack.
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Can we pleeeease stop with the knee-jerk posts/comments from bigoted lesbians who seem to feel the need to define people's sexual identities for them? FFS. I thought that died off in the 80s except for the real old skool types - it unfortunately seems to be undergoing a lovely resurgence

I suppose I'm a tad oversensitised from last week, when I was informed, by several, that I'm "really" bi. Let's see, I've had 24 shags with men in total (not men, shags). No relationships with any of them. I've had about a dozen significant relationships with women, and, hm, 20 years x an average of one shag a week = 1040 girlie shags (wild guesstimate - I tend to have peaks and troughs). Ok, so to date, I'm 2.2% bi. How many of these twoo lesbians are that "bi" as well, do you reckon? Especially the ones who had tarnished themselves with evul mangerms before they Saw The Light and who have only been out for five minutes (comparatively).

Anyways, that's all bullshit. More serious point, I'm surely not the only one who thinks that by IDing as bi (or any sexual identity), you're actually advertising what you're open to (as well as your general history). Aren't you?
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Genuine spam received in my Gmail account today:

If you are a lesbian and you can't find your better half, if you lack attention and love, if you can't find understanding with other girls and you want to change your life, please, read this. Now you have a fantastic chance to start your new life, saving from all your problems and hang-ups.

If you want to - Change your life;
- Save from your problems and hang-ups;
- Become more sexually attractive for other girls;
- Meet more beautiful women, without any problems;
- Grab all the attention;
- Increase your self-confidence;
- Get approached by another lezzies far more often;
- Make a fantastic impression every day and hour - You have a chance to do this now!

Alpha-Pheromone perfume - it is a unique way to change your life. It is a perfume for sexual attraction of humans of the opposite sex. Now, we propose you an excellent possibility to order Alpha-Pheromone perfume to attract lesbians! You will forget all your problems with your single life! Buying Alpha-Pheromone perfume, you will open new prospects for your intimate and everyday life. Today Alpha-Pheromone perfume is very popular in Europe and USA. Such popularity is explained by its low price and high efficiency. Try it and make sure that it really works! You can use Alpha-Pheromone perfume with Exel (23:03:44 10/04/2007) your usual perfume. In our online shop, you can order Alpha-Pheromone perfumes of the latest collections. You can order Alpha-Pheromone perfume even if you live in the backwoods, because our delivery works in the whole world!

Now click here to learn more about the best and effective Alpha-Pheromone for lesbians available! (link goes to "lesbipher".org)

Damn, now I know what I've been missing out on with my approaches to the ladeeez!! And I'm also wondering who's sold their mailing list - it seems just a tad too targeted for my taste.
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Or, obviously I'm really a gurl.

I was reading this review of the BMW Z4 in the Guardian today, and the author wrote this:

When BMW brought out the car's predecessor, the Z3, it was regularly flagged up as being 'feminine'. And don't think for a minute that reviewers were using that adjective in a positive sense. With the Z4, BMW seems to have been determined to make as masculine a car as possible. From the four exhaust pipes at the back to the extra-wide tyres and the thick, rubbery steering wheel, the Z4 is as male as a badger-hair shaving brush. My wife drove the test car and pronounced it 'boorish' and 'pathetically macho'. Words which led me to expect the best. And the Z4 did not disappoint. Raw yet refined, powerful yet controlled, it's one of the most exhilarating drives I've had.
Now, if I had ridiculous amounts of money, I'd like a Z3 roadster. I think they're as spunky as hell, especially compared to the, yes, boorish-looking Z4. What I'd like to know is just what the "masculinity" of the Z4 has to do with its bloody performance. I mean, fuck, the running gear and the engine is one thing. Just because it's been made more blocky-looking to pander to pathetic little ...egos is something else.

Makes me wonder about all those "pussies" driving E-type Jags, which are still held up to be one of the best sports cars ever. Now, there's a girly-looking car.
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I really wonder what kind of crack the Department of "Homeland Security" (is it just me, or is that name very reminiscent of 1930's Germany) in the US is smoking these days. The latest scheme is to now fingerprint all  fingers of those of us wanting to travel to the US from furrin parts. When they brought in the requirement to fingerprint two fingers last year, I reluctantly travelled to Hawaii as I had already bought my travel tickets and the person I was visiting had already made arrangements. That was irksome enough.

As a reward for paying off my copious debts sometime this year, I was planning to travel to the UK, probably via San Francisco (since I like that town). I was even going to suck up being treated like a minor criminal, as I was already in the Immigration database. However, this latest scenario is waaaay different.

  • Not only are all your fingers going to be printed, a copy of the information is going to be given to the FBI.
  • Not only does the FBI have access to it, but they will allow access to the information by other "international agencies".
  • Not only does every Tom, Dick and Harry "agency" have access to the info, in the EU all transactions on the credit card used to book flights to the US may be traced.
  • Not only can they trace your credit card transactions in the EU, they can also trace all email traffic going to or from the email address that you gave to the airline when booking.
  • It's unclear whether the latter two apply to Australia or NZ - that information about the EU was only released under a Freedom of Information request. I imagine that the US government would certainly have requested similar "undertakings" from our governments, which may or may not have been fulfilled (who knows?).
Since I won't be able to travel anywhere before mid-year, I won't be able to get in before the gates are effectively shut. I wonder if they'd go in for the whole fingerprinting routine if you travelled by road? Say, flying to Vancouver (the flights that don't stop off in Honolulu, since it doesn't matter if you're "in transit": you still go through the entire immigration/customs routine in the US), and then driving over the border to Seattle (haven't been there yet, so that might be cool)?

Anyways, you can read about the latest great idea here (Observer), here (NZ Herald - and yeah, apparently us kiwis just loooove travelling to America so much, we won't care), and here (and what a crap report from the SMH that is too).
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I used to watch Top Gear occasionally when I was in the UK, because it's entertaining, and shows off funky cars. However, while Jeremy Clarkson is amusing when he sticks to the subject of cars, once again he's proven what an arrogant fuckwit he is.

After Richard Hammond crashed last week, a few people started saying that the programme should be "toned down". Frankly, if someone wants to put themselves into risky situations that don't cause any danger to anyone else (and I don't have to pay for the consequences), I think they should go to it.

So, Jeremy Clarkson  "has accused the BBC's own news website of sparking a campaign to take the show off the air, citing 'doom and gloom merchants' who 'don't like Top Gear and would love to see it off the screens'". So far, so typical of his "anti-PC" rants. However, he just tops it off nicely by saying,  "You just hear this constant background chatter of lesbian women running around saying that men should be in prison, not driving fast cars."

Fuck you, dickwad. Thanks for finally and comprehensively ruining the show for me.
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Yes, petrol prices are going up. And we're surprised why? It's a finite resource (unless we have a few millenia to wait for vegetation to get converted, although at the rate we're chopping down the vegetation, who knows if we'll ever get oil again). It's running out.

Yes, of course OPEC manipulates prices and so on, but it IS getting scarcer. Get over it. Get into ethanol (cleaner burning) or bio-diesel if you don't want to pay for petroleum and stop yer whining.

Oh, and if you're in the US, the equivalent of AU90c a litre is not much. Here, the average price is $AU1.12 a litre. In NZ, it's $AU1.29 a litre. In the UK, it's 90.2p, which is $AU2.14. I hate to think of the crying in the US and around the world if we all had to pay UK prices.

And I like Hugo Chavez's offer of supplying petrol to poor communities in the US. Sure, it's partly a bite-back to Pat Robertson's charming pronouncements, but it's kind of nice for someone to be putting resources where their mouth is. I don't like the idea of "hydraulic despotism" (as coined by Frank Herbert) being used to hold groups to ransom, but the idea of making those who can afford it pay more is pretty appealing.


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