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Location:Wellington, New Zealand

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abyssinian cats, alternative lifestyles, anarchism, anarchy, antoni gaudí, art nouveau, assam tea, astrology, baroque, belgian beer, belgian chocolate, bisexual women, bisexuality, black books, blade runner, books, breakbeat, chai, chamber music, chardonnay socialism, civility, coffee, cohousing, connie willis, cooking for friends, cuddling, cute babes, dark chocolate, diana wynne jones, drama-free lesbians, drawling, dtwof, dub, dubstep, dykes, earth building, electronica, email, fainting in coils, fantasy, feminism, femmes, firefly, fisting, food, frank lloyd wright, french, geeks, genderqueer, growing vegetables, history, homeopathy, hot bubble baths, hothead paisan, intelligent conversation, jackson pollock, joan d. vinge, jodhi may, kate winslet, kick-arse chicks, kink, kissing, landscapes, laurie r. king, leftie politics, lesbians, librarians, libraries, linguistics, linux, lois mcmaster bujold, loop recordings aot(ear)oa, margaret mahy, mark rothko, mary russell, massaging, massive attack, melissa scott, music, new zealand history, new zealand music, nicola griffith, nine inch nails, ogg, open relationships, open source, other people's writing, outdoor sex, pantheism, passion, permaculture, perversion, photography, piercing, pj harvey, polyamory, portishead, queer, queers, questioning authority, radiohead, reading, red snapper, rope, sapiosexuality, sci-fi, science fiction, sex, sf, sharp knives, single malt whisky, sleeping, slithy toves, smashing pumpkins, snark, social history, stroppy fems, subverting the dominant paradigm, sushi, sustainable living, tai chi, tattoos, tequila, the bechdel test, the english language, travelling, trip hop, tuxedo cats, ubuntu, victor horta, weightlifting, wellington, whisky, wikis, william morris, wine, wit, women
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