Jan. 26th, 2016

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Really enjoyed seeing this film, and it was a nice homage to the book - the characters are not screwed around with in their essence, which is a relief. I thought it could have been half an hour shorter - the book actually has more action (of a sort) and gives Therese more context at first - but it hits the main plot points well. The design and photography are gorgeous, and yes, a nice shout-out to 50's-style cigarette porn there as well.

I thought Cate's acting style was particularly mannered in this film, but given the context of 50's behaviour and film influences, it makes sense. Rooney Mara is perfect, although I was a bit irked that they changed her career aim from being a theatre set designer (since Carol instantly respected that in the novel, and it could not be construed as a cute little hobby like photography). They didn't make Harge an arsehole, which is great, and Sarah Paulson was perfect as Abby. I'm also glad they had a queer woman portraying one of the main characters. The scene near the end where Therese is being chatted up by a Patricia Highsmith lookalike at a party was an amusing touch.

This review pretty much sums up the rest of my thoughts on the film - not perfect, but it brings the period to life (even if ALL the cars are way too immaculate): http://www.hitfix.com/in-contention/review-cate-blanchett-masters-all-the-signals-for-todd-haynes-carol


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