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Got home a wee while ago after a looong day (I had dinner before jumping on the buses to get home - at least I only had a 10 minute wait at the interchange this time).

Today was full of much frustration with people having problems with user accounts (for managing applications) and instead of telling me what the actual problem was, I spent two hours trying to solve an "issue" (which wasn't actually an issue) that was totally irrelevant. I will now not assume that because people are techies, they can actually explain what the actual problem is they are trying to solve - coming in on something after they've been on the wrong tangent for hours is an exercise in futility.

Add to that the fact that the procedure that MS recommends to fix daylight saving on Sharepoint for Australian timezones this year doesn't work at all, and really, I didn't achieve much. Except have my wonderful womanly blessing from the Goddess™ two days early, and make this FAIL LOL to feel somewhat constructive:

stockmarket woes! )
I've submitted it to FailBlog, but we'll see what happens.

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Firefly characters, fem-slash, and bdsm references. Non-explicit.

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While [ profile] saluqi's pooches are tooooo cute for words, it becomes slightly disturbing when they text you, as they did last week. This is what they had to say:

Of course, I had to turn it into an icon too:

Now I'm off for my insulin shot.
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...but I think we're already there, one way or another. :-)

[ profile] saluqi got inspired by the Lolcat Bible a few days back, and I decided to put some pictures to her words. Unfortunately, the Lolbible site appears to only have kitteh pics, but I've stuck one of ours up to see what happens.

However, since the Byebul is in the Western philosophy canon, I inflicted all of our efforts on the adoring masses at [ profile] loltheorists  - head on over to see what depraved imaginations can come up with!

(Also, can I just say, damn Eve and her curses? Ow ow ow. Sleepy-bye time now.)
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Coalition of the willing
bush       blair       howard

[ profile] buddleia started this round off, honest (with [ profile] loltheorists), and then [ profile] saluqi mentioned the lolprez's thread on Fark, which reminded me that there needed to be some more internationally-based lolpols (and is where I got the first pic in this sequence).

Then I had to make another one just for the Aussies... )
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Well, I just had oodles of fun constructing a pic over on the UGO HeroMachine. Just like in RL, I couldn't quite find the kind of top I wanted the avatar to wear. So I had to make do with the Matrix-esque coat. C'est la vie.

I always wanted a tail too, without the faintest notion of "identifying" with any kind of animal. Go figure, but at least this thing allows you to try one on for size. Also, a knife like that one? No, no, I have proper practical ones!

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I finally made myself a "techie" icon. At least it's no more gnomic than many. And I like it.
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I totally blame [ profile] grey_evil_twin and [ profile] pretentiousgit for this. It was agreed that nearly all the advice you want to give on the dyke advice communities boils down to "just do her". So... I got inspired (if that's the word).


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  1. Considers taking up sketching again.
  2. Realises that one had better get some practice in if one isn't to embarrass oneself too much.
  3. Wishes that one had a decent digital camera, preferably with flash. Or a scanner.

(and yes, my fingers really are that fat. And it took me ages to draw that.)

hand sketch

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#1 - Invent a Cocktail
  1. Grab Jameson's whisky (or other blended rubbish - I might try it with something better) and anejo rum (ie. golden, not white or dark) from your babe magnet liquor cabinet (ie. the cupboard above the fridge).
  2. Inspect your fridge and remove fresh ginger, chilli and a lemon from its innards. Realise you need a mixer, and go to the shop for apple juice.
  3. Excavate the cardamom from where it was hiding - deliberately! - behind the cloves.
  4. Crush 1½ - 2 tsp of ginger with ½ a tsp of chilli (more if you're not a wuss like me) and the seeds from two large cardamom pods. I used my mortar and pestle.
  5. Briefly wonder what happened to the silver-plated cocktail shaker you definitely had two countries ago, and scrape the chilli/ginger/cardamom paste into something with a secure-fitting lid. I used a measuring beaker that came with my blender.
  6. Pour in two-three shots of whisky and one of rum (or whatever the capacity of the screwtop on the whisky bottle is).
  7. Add about ½ a shot of lemon juice, or a good squeeze of a small wedge.
  8. Pour in about 150ml of apple juice. I couldn't find the cloudy type, but that would be better, I think.
  9. Consider crushing some ice, decide the hell with it, and throw in about 4-6 cubes.
  10. Shake it to buggery, until the icecubes are somewhat smaller, and then strain into a glass. A teastrainer is fine, but a larger gauge strainer allows more interesting bits to float around in the glass.
  11. Drink and enjoy.
  12. I should think of some interesting garnish - a few finely sliced threads of chilli and lemon zest? There you go.
Anyone think of a name for it? It's yummy, actually, with the smokiness of the cardamom nicely complementing the whiskey and ginger. But I've just run out of inspiration. :-)


May. 22nd, 2006 10:34 pm
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Well, my brain went into some wierd zone today (after some provocation which I can't link to, heh), and induced me to write a somewhat violent, virtually-non-con, PwP, unsafe mansex, almost-rapefic featuring two members of Metallica.

[ profile] saluqi appeared to like it, which was the aim, really. So if you really want to see if James/Jason slash is possible, feel free to check out Turn the Page. Comments welcome. Even the OMGWTFWT! kind.

But since it took about an hour to write, with somewhat less than that research time, please pardon any egregrious factual errors!
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If you don't know who Wash is, then worry not. This is to commemorate the week that the Serenity DVD has come out here in Oz. One of my colleagues has it already (biatch!); mine is in the post. Apparently.

This Woman's Work, by [ profile] watcher_junior (13MB WMV) - Zoe and Wash, after the events of Serenity. The soundtrack is Kate Bush. I mostly dislike Kate Bush's music (I find her top range hard work to listen to), but some of her songs are utterly compelling. And this is one of them. The lyrics are perfect. It's well edited, with the fuzzy effect (and the indifferent compression quality) helping to blend footage from the movie and the series. I cried like a bloody child, but you get that.

And, to not leave you as a shuddering wreck, Space Cowboy, by [ profile] randominity (23MB MOV - Yousendit - I'll post it again if it expires) featuring, yes, NSYNC. About the only song of theirs I like, and it's perfect. It features the whole crew, but there's a whole lotta Wash in there. The vid quality is not so great, but the editing is good and it's an excellent giggle. It's been around for a while, but it's still a goodie.

Not so Wash-centred, and while I'm on a roll, New Frontier by [ profile] heres_luck (38MB DivX) is technically and every-other-way superb. The music is fab too, although I'm not so ecstatic about the vocal (the lyrics fit, though). However. The lighting, the cutting, the timing, the quick edits and the slow ones, the lighting (again!) the interweaving of character, event, scenery. OMFG, awesome awesome awesome, you must see. It's all based on Serenity and is cut from the DVD, so the quality is fantastic (and it's DivX, of course). Virtually the whole movie in 3½ minutes.
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...but I made a new icon instead. From this image post in [ profile] sexylibrarians. hee!

Super me!

Jan. 3rd, 2006 02:25 pm
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Came back to work today and found a cool surprise in my mailbox (no, I don't check it when I'm on holiday, I'm not a masochist). One of my groovy colleagues made a calendar of the team as a collection of superheroes, which is perfect timing, since I had watched both X-men movies over the weekend.

So here's my super self! )

My alter ego is "Xchange"... well, there had to be an "X" in there somewhere. And the wee postbox is perfect. :-)
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Gacked from [ profile] commodorified, here! (Go on, then!)
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I made a test on OK Cupid, called the How GGG Are You? Test. I suppose I should go along and take it myself...

On hedonism

Jun. 5th, 2005 01:13 pm
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As my few days in Melbourne have been spent engaging in activities that my mother would enjoy (ie. no museums, art galleries or such like), the most pleasurable thing I have been doing is eating.

I love eating. Love it. I love listening to music. I love looking at beautiful things. Talking with my friends. Sleeping. And having sex.

And I realised, those are the only things I really love doing. I enjoy fixing things. Growing vegetables is fun. My job gives me something to do and an ego-boost. If I didn't have food/sex/music/friends, I can honestly say that my life wouldn't be worth living. I'm the first person to criticise the Paris Hiltons of the world, those who make a life out of conspicuous consumption. But what is my life but less-conspicuous consumption? OK, I do my job pretty well, but really, who cares if air traffic controllers get their email? Paris Hilton provides entertainment (of a sort) to millions; I provide email to 3500 people. Whoopdedo.

So, where is the gap in my life, that I will sit here and say my only function in life is to consume? Oh, and to provide some company and fun for my loved ones (because, you know, I really love them). It's simple. I don't create. ALL of my friends are creative. All of them. They write, photograph, make music, do crafts. I do none of the above. I can sketch a reasonable picture if the object is in front of me. I used to be able to play a few wind instruments if I had the music there. I'm a decent editor, but I can't think of a plot to save my life.

I've had a conversation about this to my friends, who all chorus, "But you ARE creative!", but who, on being asked, can't actually think of anything that I create. Heh. Intelligence and interest and (some) wit does not add up to creativity, alas. I'm not even particularly creative in the sack (which probably explains why BDSM isn't quite moi), even tho' I assume I'm reasonably competent there.

I used to think that my ability to do lots of things reasonably well, but not fantastically well, explained this gap. But no, I simply don't have that creative juice. Being a moderately good sketcher would be fine if I felt impelled to actually sketch something occasionally.

Thus the hedonism. My mission in life, I have decided, is in fact to consume. And appreciate. The ultimate abstract thing I love is being my friends' built-in audience. I know enough of what they all do to be able to talk intelligently on it, or at least aspects of it. I don't need to compete with them. I take perfect delight in applauding what they do. It's like the poly concept of compersion, where if your lover is happy with someone else, you're happy too. I seem to have the knack of that particular emotion, and I also seem to have the happy knack of enjoying creativity without an agenda (other than the simple one of "does it work for me or not?"). Since my friends have the good taste to do cool stuff that I love, it makes appreciation so much easier.

So, as long as my friends (or anyone I have access to) create beautiful things, and enjoy having me for an audience, I have a reason to exist. And a damn good excuse to eat, drink and be merry...


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